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COMPILATION 2 is a seven-track mixtape by impressive alternative artist H.O.M.A, an ardent effort in reflective exploration of sonics and subject matter. He sings about amorous feelings and relationships in different contexts on soulful r&b, pop and eclectic alternative compositions, with production credits from Killer Producer, Clogz & TNT baby.  


It’s evident how much H.O.M.A has grown since the release of the prequel to COMPILATION 2 in 2019, especially in his ability to take different shapes and forms on intensely alternative musical compositions, and showing dynamic range both in song writing and performance which helps create a visual imagery of the moods and ideas behind his records in the minds of his listeners.


Creating a body of work like COMPILATION 2, H.O.M.A has also developed the talent for evoking strong emotions and moods in his listeners through his music and it can be why the music he creates leaves a mark on his ever-increasing blend of unique audience. 
Scheduled for official release on the 22nd July, COMPILATION 2 welcomes listeners into the deep waters of musical potential H.O.M.A possesses and sets the tone nicely for everything else he offers.



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