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Canada’s Chhina Seeks Providence On “What’s Fiction?”

Canadian-bred Musician, Chhina is asking us to question everything and not restitute anything to chance in his recent body of work titled “What’s Fiction?”. The London-based artist is challenging the narrative by asking a question born from the state of our world today where everything is seemingly a mirage.

Only a collective few stay true to themselves in this world of ours where misplaced identity is a norm, and Chhina seems to be one of those few. His claim to originality is evident in his mixtape which was released on all streaming platforms on the 31st of October. The singer lets us in on his own reality with this tape. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly all fitted into 7 tracks, 7 truths as he calls them; his truths.

With his lyricism, Chhina takes us into his own world and paints a vivid picture of his experiences and his view of our world. Speaking to Chhina after listening to the tape really gave some more insight into the creative process of the tape.

Shot By: Amy Lindsay

For the past year, I have been working on music trying to solidify a specific style. Then a couple of weeks ago, important things in my life that I had went south, I honestly didn’t know what to do, so I decided to do what I love by releasing a mixtape”.

Chhina tells us about a defining moment before he decided to record the tape. He further goes on to say: “I recorded and produced the tape over a course of 7 days, i solicited the help of Producers and Artists I needed, and told them exactly what I required them to do.”

Chhina further let us in on this big decision and the process required to achieve his goal. “It was the most structured creative workflow I’ve had, at the end of the 7 days, I had 7 songs. 7 truths, and that’s what you hear”. “I called it ‘What’s Fiction?’ because I wanted to pose a question to the listener. Get their mind going and understand what fiction was to them. I only know the truth. More specifically, my truth.”

“Do you believe everything you see and hear?” Chhina poses this question to listeners as a wake-up call, a call to face realities and not continue to live in an illusion. He asks these questions as a man who has bared his own truth for all to see, a man living his own reality. “What’s Fiction?” is a mixtape that leaves all questioning the world and its very meaning.

Check out the link below for the New Visuals of his single “Professional” off the project

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