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Let’s talk about sex for a minute, shall we? Back in the day, before millennials and gen z’s were old enough to grow hair in enclosed parts, young folks used to shy away from “racy” and “touchy” subjects such as sweet sweet coitus. Come 2022, almost everyone is super giddy, outspoken, and comfortable with/about their sexuality. 

If we are abstaining from self-deceit, young Nigerians between the ages of 18-40 are pretty wild about sex, but there seems to be an unending craving for “ta ta ta” in the industrious city of Lagos. Interestingly, this is one of the reasons why people fondly say it’s difficult to maintain a faithful and healthy relationship in Lagos. “These streets ain’t safe.”

To anyone who might be estranged by the term “Aphrodisiac”, an aphrodisiac is simply anything that highly stimulates sexual urge or desire. It could be food, a drink, a place, or a person. In the spirit of total candor, Lagos is a wild city, highly reputable for its nightlife activities and fun-filled escapades. Places like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Lekki are attestations to this. 

In this beautiful city, the music is the loudest. Music concerts, block parties, and festivals are held rampantly. Naturally, attractive young ladies and guys are present at these fares; more often than not, things go down in the sac. Whatever happens at these fares graduates into “situation ships” ‘ or ends up as one-night stands, of which the latter is mostly the case.

Occasionally, wild sex parties or orgies are hosted in various subterranean parts of Lagos city in which young people (usually ranging from their early twenties to mid-forties) “link up” and explore their sexual fantasies, it is sacrosanct to bear in mind that these sexual cravings aren’t limited to social gatherings alone as even in official spaces such as large firms and big companies, there are rampant cases of sex scandals.

 There must be something in Lagos city’s ambience, since almost everyone seems to be getting some action in the sac. Now, while there is nothing wrong with sexual explorations,  it is sagacious to stay protected always. Remember, these streets ain’t safe.

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