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Album Review: Mavin’s ‘Chapter X’

The Mavins dynasty would stop at nothing to give music listeners quality sound. Their latest project ‘Chapter X’ proves this much is true. The album is supposed to be a sort of remuneration to fans, celebrating their tenth-year anniversary as a music label.

Mavins boast of one of the most unique and talented line-ups in recent times. I mean, such an octad! With a record label that has Rema, Johnny drille, Ayra Starr, Ladipoe, Boy Spyce, Magixx, Bayanni, and last but certainly not least Crayon under its wing, expectations are naturally flying over the roof.

The dynasty already gave the consuming public an alluring taste of what is to come in the form of ‘Overloading‘ and the energetic ‘Won Da Mo. So, shall we now flip through Chapter X? and see what we shall find?

A Rema pivoted ‘Alle‘ cuts the blue ribbon, unveiling the project proper. Alle first camouflages as another ‘Calm down’, but quickly shifts in trajectory as soon as “Remmy boy” began infusing his usual overstretched but delightful melodies into play. Although the song is a mood lifter, it’s kinda hard to differentiate who is singing at some point as Boyspyce, Crayon, and Bayanni sound somewhat identical. But no qualms as Ayra saves the day eventually with a divert and more creative approach, i think there is a Johnny drille appearance at the end although not credited for.

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear, Johnny drille shows why he is Johnny drille in “All i am saying” as his vocals choruses the pop ballad into a perfect cadence with the impact of label boss, Donjazzy , Crayon, Bayanni, Boy spyce and the exremely gifted Ladipoe ofcourse..

Crayon’s “Ogini Na Fio” sounds like a derivative of American singer, Mario’s “Let Me Love You”. Nevertheless, it’s still a beautiful Afro rhythm and blues bop. In retrospect, we really should give Don jazzy more of his flowers, the man can really belt a tune.

Amina” is sultry, sexy and emo-centric. Rema , Ayra Starr, Bayanni and Crayon has a burning furnace within their grasp!.. that’s foh sure.

Losing You‘, ‘Won Lele‘, ‘Jara‘, and ‘You‘ are four songs that further radiates the Mavin song-writing and musicmanship. Overall, this is a hippy album, a giddy feel collection for listeners to savour, and equally appreciate the Mavin talent, especially those that are usually not spoken about as much. This is a proper thank you gift, go listen and enjoy..

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