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The facets of music and its ever-evolving nature gave rise to a great genre of music that has conquered the music scene and gained recognition worldwide. Afrobeat has continuously become popular to the point where there are currently variations of it, including; Afro-pop, Afro-hip-hop, Afro-rock, and Afro-jazz, among others. A recent entertainment collective that has pushed the canvas of Afrobeat to almost every part of the world through its art and music is SVN Entertainment.

An upcoming entertainment company, SVN entertainment started off with a group of artists and friends that set out to capture the entertainment sphere through events like concerts, club events, and other nightlife events. One common factor that bound them together was their ceaseless love for music.

Creative in and out of the studio, the group thoughtfully named the company “SVN” since they were seven friends. Borrowing from the Norwegian language, they had intended to use SYN (seven) but later settled with SVN for a change. Their ultimate goal is to use events and music to bring different creatives together in the same space and through this, they are set to launch their first music project dubbed “Pablo Freestyle”.

Starring artists; Azanti (Nathan Otekalu-Aje), Yvng Chriis (Somto Ukomadu), Zaiam (Hamza Liman), and SVN Entertainment, “Pablo Freestyle” comes off as a new wave of Afrobeat combined within the different elements of stardom. All the artists on this single are notable for their adept lyrics in the genre of Afrobeat and have stolen the hearts of many music lovers in the previous year (2022).

With an outstanding production done by producer By_tj, Pablo Freestyle is a vivid display of how different these artists are able to blend and live in their ingenuity but still create a hit single. The track slides through the West African groove that is notable in its hard-hitting beat.

Its unique style is a color of embrace that will get you nodding to the melody as the song unwraps. For so many melomaniacs that enjoy collaborations, the freestyle is a pool of the best verses and serves you with artist after artist throughout.

This is one you can’t miss out on. Look out for its release on the 6th of Jan 2023 on all major music streaming platforms.

About the Artists Foremost is Azanti (Nathan Otekalu-Aje); a Nigerian-born artist that has crashed the music scene with his unmatched dancehall-meets-Afrobeat sound. With only 18 years, this “boy wonder” can’t stop creating history with his outstanding hits that have captured a number of entertainment personalities in music.

One of his previous famous singles titled “Gettin’ Hot,” released in 2022 made a big catch in the US and launched him as one of the Afrobeat talents to look out for.

Azanti has collaborated with a couple of other artists in the past and his involvement with SVN entertainment is only a step in a greater direction. His ethereal soul-cutting vocals and catchy flows are some of the strengths he brings to the “Pablo Freestyle” as he continues to display his adeptness in the musical field. While he could still be considered a fresh and young artist, his dedication to music is elevating him to greater heights every day.

Secondly is artist Zaiam (Hamza Liman); a Lagos-born and Canadian-based Afro-fusion artist. Boasting an impressive resume featuring multiple appearances on several shows and opening for artists such as LAX, Zaiam is an emerging world star and a great performer. His love for music was cultivated at an early age when he spent time listening to a variety of CDs in the car with his mother. As a result, the prodigy took inspiration from some of the artists he grew up listening to and started writing his own music.

With life sending him to Canada to further his education, Zaiam used this opportunity as the start of his musical career. Currently, his still-growing discography has already gained recognition and acclaim in the Afrobeat industry with singles such as; The Vibe and Greenlight. His involvement in the “Pablo Freestyle” with SVN entertainment is just another way to shine his style out for the whole world to notice whilst creating relationships that are built to last.

Latterly is Yvng Chriis (Somto Ukomadu); a bona fide musical force from Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Nigeria. With his outstanding persona, Yvng chriis made his music debut back in 2018 following his album dubbed “Purple Vibes”. Later on, he released several other singles, including; “Risk,” “African Child,” “Want Something,” “Wire,” and so many others. As an artist, the talented Chriis is able to make his own beats and has also lent a hand to many other artists in the business.

With his broad exposure to music, Yvng Chriis always finds pleasure in collaborative works with other like-minded artists. His involvement in the “Pablo Freestyle” with SVN entertainment will not just be a One-hit wonder but is bound to grow into a whole movement that is going to take the music world by storm.

Watch out for all these artists and remember “Pablo Freestyle” drops on the 6th of Jan 2023.

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