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Bella Shmurda Sparks Wonders On ‘Ara’

Abiola Ahmed Akinbiyi, popularly known as Bella Shmurda has released his first single of the year titled “Ara,” which is a testament to his talent and creativity as an Artist. With over 1.2 billion streams across all platforms, the City People Entertainment Award winner has combined amazing production with stellar lyrics to give us a banger. 

The song Ara was produced by Larrylanes “Enta,” a prolific and fast-rising producer who has also worked on past releases from Bella Shmurda and other artists including Zinoleesky and Zlatan amongst others. This song is a smooth fusion of two big and popular music genres; Afrobeats and Amapiano, which makes for a unique and refreshing sound.

The song starts off with a catchy piano melody that immediately sets the tone for the track.  The drums kick in soon after, adding a driving rhythm that makes it almost impossible not to move to the beat instantly.

Evidently, the production of Ara is clean and polished, with every instrument and sound layered carefully to create a rich sound. One might find the use of Amapiano elements in this production particularly interesting as it was clearly infused in Afrobeat in a smooth rhythmic manner that makes him one of the industry’s smoothest genre-benders.

 By integrating these elements in the production of Ara, Larrylanes definitely created a smooth and modern sound that’s going to make this song an instant hit.

The lyrics of Ara (Gen Gen Tin) are entirely in Yoruba and the song’s title ‘Ara,’ translates to “style” in the English language, which is a perfect fit considering the song’s overall message. The use of Yoruba in the lyrics is also a smart move, as it allows the song to resonate with Nigerian listeners while still being accessible to non-Yoruba speakers.

The lyrics revolve around a theme of prayer for guidance, trendsetter, and gratitude. In this song, Bella sings about how everything he does turns into a viral style or trend. He also sings about how much he needs God’s guidance and protection on his journey and how thankful he is for the good things in his life, including family, friends, and fans. He also acknowledges that his success is not solely his doing, but also a result of the collective effort of the people around him.

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