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Stonia Releases New Single “The One”

Nigerian-born singer and songwriter, Stonia is set for the release of her new single “The One”. The track sets the outstanding artist out of her comfort zone with her euphonious vocals. She takes us through an ending relationship and how the closure was never gotten. She also expresses a start over of self-love, confidence, and moving more towards positivity and peace of mind despite what had happened.

Accompanied by the amazing melody and rich lyricism, this confirms her willingness to stand out in her uniqueness and not conform to any genre-defining boxes which further conveys her ability to create
a sound that is unique through a distinct been of sonics and textures.

Stonia’s Lyricism explores the disappointment of being unable to count on the support and love of the one who claims to love “You’ll never be the one, I can count on, No way!”

“The One” is Stonia’s 2023 Debut single, and it follows after she released her previous single “Unhealthy”
as well as wrapping up the web series “Best Friends in the World” where she played the role of “Evelyn”

Stonia’s willingness to be open about such personal experience, and the ability to convert it into
fantastic melody and lyrics solidify her creativity and high level of Artistry.

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