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Upper Spotlight: Tomide The Skinny Nerd

Tomide is an unapologetic nerd, a proud weirdo, and a gifted songwriter, who is as versatile as he is talented. He started his music career in 2013 when a teenage Tomide started making covers of Drake songs.

His first single pretty substitute put him on the map as one of the budding young rappers out of his University (F.U.T.A). In 2015, he released Sick Lyricist, an homage to M.I’s Safe, and in the song he melodiously mentioned all the top Nigerian songs while keeping up an impressive rhyme scheme that caught everyone’s attention.

Following the release of his joint E.P. (with Mugly) in 2015. Tomide went on a 4-year hiatus to define his style. He returned in July 2019, with the release of his 4-track E.P. titled “The Middle Story”. The E.P. features melodious symphonies, trap-inspired afro-pop tracks, and EDM singles. It has been heralded as a beautiful mash-up of different styles while maintaining a unique sound peculiar to Tomide.

Beyond Music, Tomide is a philosopher, digital communications expert, and software engineer. He has been featured in Ted talks since he was 18 and is very introspective. He was followingTomide is gearing up for the release of a new project, a 6-track E.P. titled Love, As A Drug.

The E.P. is a love letter to everyone who believes and revels in the complexity of love. The project is very experimental, as Tomide hones his singing and songwriting abilities to deliver a blend of Afro-fusion and contemporary pop.E.P.

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