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Collective Music Review: Joeboy’s Body & Soul

A week ago, Joeboy dropped his highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Body & Soul‘. Since its release, the project has garnered mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

Based on flying chatters and online interactions, most of the music streaming populace favors the Nigerian singer’s recent project- with many dubbing it as a perfect body of work.

Since everybody is giving reviews, we decided to join the party. Here is a collective review of Joeboy’s ‘Body & Soul’ from some of our content team members.

Marv :

Best Song: Contour. It was one of the first released singles off the album and it’s so good that it remains my best song from the album. What a tune!

Best Feature: Odumodu and Bnxn on Normally. That was a 10/10 song arrangement for real. No one missed a beat. It just kept flowing, from Joeboy to Bnxn and Odumodu. Odumodu is in his bag at the moment, so anything he touches turns to gold.

Skips: ‘Slowly’

Potential Hit: ‘Normally’. The vibe of the song and the featured artists make it a sure contender for a potential hit. Unsurprisingly, the song is the highest-charting song on Apple Music presently.

Overall Rating: 7.1. I wasn’t completely blown away, to be honest, but it was a strong sophomore album from Joeboy.


Best Song: ‘Contour’. Loved this song from the first day it was released. I listened to the project as a whole, but Contour still remains my fav. I really wish Joeboy really put effort into pushing this song. Honorable mention: Slowly and Lose Ya

Best Feature: To be honest, I am stuck between Normally and Woman ( cause I am a big Oxlade fan). But for the sake of this category, I would have to go with Normally. Never would anyone have thought that Joeboy, Bnxn, and Big Kala on a song would bang.

Skips: Wetin Be Love

Potential Hit: There’s only one hit song on this album and it is Normally. That’s a hit right there!

Overall Rating: 6. Below expectation.


Best Song: Check My Phone. For some reason, it sounds like a Yoruba demon trying to deny his “demonness”… Lol.

Best Feature: Wetin Be Love. I am a sucker for soft guitar sounds.

Skips: Normally. Don’t crucify me, but I just can’t get into Odumodu’s vibe.

Potential Hit: Chicken Spice and Curry. This song is strategic and good for increasing international audiences.

Overall Rating: I give it a 7/10 because I have missed Joeboy’s vibe and I would love to hear more from him. The sounds and progressions were awesome, and it feels like what I would expect from Joeboy.


Best Song: Chicken Spice and Curry. I really can’t pinpoint what makes me like the song, but it does the trick for me. I think it’s the melodic chorus and Ludacris’ crisp rap delivery. That’s my favorite jam bruv!

Best Feature: Ludacris. He is like an old but fine wine, his delivery keeps getting better with time. Honorable mention would be Normally and Wetin Be Love. Ckay spazzed on that track too.

Skips: Zero!

Potential Hit: Check My Phone. That tune sounds like TikTok bait.

Overall Rating: 8.5. Solid body of work as far as I am concerned sha. This is one of the best bodies of work released in 2023.

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