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Music Review: Bloody Civilian’s Anger Management

The beauty in the dynamics of art is the freedom of expression that it provides. Real art allows for fluidity in emotions. Art in its most pristine form should convey one’s truth- even when it strikes a nerve of discomfort in the bones of others. When art begins to play safe, it becomes a validation-seeking front and a painful waste of a precious gift.

Frankly, not many who are quick to embrace the tagline “artist” truly understand the need for an unfiltered voice as well as Emoseh Khamofu, popularly known as Bloody Civilian does.

In today’s bubble gum, dust-binesque sonic cycle, where conformers and bandwagoners are appreciated too often, it’s always a sight for sore eyes when you come across an outlaw who sweeps your feet away just by being themselves.

Bloody Civilian is such an outlaw. Her music is raw, brilliant, audacious, and intentional. Bloody is the core definition of what a true Gen-Z outlook of the ‘Woke Culture” should embody, and that is saying something.

While making in-depth research via Google, I came to find out that she was a child prodigy, having picked up production at the early age of fourteen. The finding gave more clarity to her present genius.

Interestingly, Bloody Civilian is a triple threat: a singer, songwriter, and music producer. In all the aforementioned fields she slays in the most unconventional manner. Her music is a testament.

Bloody Civilian fully came into the Nigerian music scene in late 2022 through ‘How To Kill A Man’- a gritty satire loosely aimed at gender marginalization. ‘How To Kill A Man’ was a strong debut, with thought-provoking feminist-themed lyrics- The kind of track to announce itself.

As providence would take its full course, her next single was a huge one. Bloody Civilian was amongst the carefully selected list of African acts to feature on the second soundtrack installment of Marvel’s Black Panther franchise.

The track she got featured on was titled ‘Wake Up’ and it featured popular Nigerian singer, Rema with production credits tilting towards Ludwig Goransson and Bloody Civilian. By then, Bloody had already signed a record publishing deal with global recording company, Def Jam Recordings.

Sonic-wise, Bloody Civilian’s debut body of work is nuanced- touching music genres such as EDM, Amapiano, Synth-Pop, and Afrobeats.

Theme-wise, It explores topics like Feminism, Capitalism, Hedonism, Substance Abuse, Self Identity, and Family-interventions- with its dominant being Sheer Rage.

rack Opener, ‘Escapism’ begins with dark bass, synths, and Afro shakers before morphing into a psychedelic combo of log drums, and brilliant sonic modulations. Bloody Civilian is showing off at this point.

Theme-wise, ‘Escapism’ discusses various subjects in an ambiguous manner. Bloody waffles about the country’s poor economy, her ancestors, and hedonistic desires. As far as the theme goes, she is somewhat vague yet active with the message she is trying to pass across.

‘Family Meeting’ tells a tale most Africans can relate to. On the record, Bloody Civilian expresses her grievances about the African cultural practice of secondhand grooming and black sheep labeling that ultimately stems from a place of hypocrisy.

‘Mad Apology’ accentuates Bloody Civilian’s unapologetic and rebellious personae. The record is a sub to an ex-lover which ultimately leads to a sequence ( I Don’t Like You).

The clinically produced and delivered body of work comes to a climax with ‘Come From’. Bloody Civilian tells the gory tale of the sad realities of her roots. She attempts to shed light on the dim happenings of the society in which she emanates “I come from a place where we used to chill under the sun, it was quite a scene, until we heard the gunshots, now everybody just runs’.

In summary, Bloody Civilian’s ‘Anger Management’ is a six-track compilation of unfiltered emotions told from the lens of a total badass.

Listen Here:

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