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Lifesize Teddy Review: A Crown is hers for grabs on the self-titled debut

The Mavin Dynasty is perhaps the Afrobeats equivalent of Professor Charles Xavier’s home for extraordinary talents- now and then, a sonic mutant gets nested, and very recently, LifeSize Teddy became the newest addition to the clan.

Lifesize Teddy is a female rapper, poet, singer, and songwriter from Port -Harcourt, Nigeria. Notably, she is the first female rapper to be signed to the label Imprint- Mavin Records. Also worthy of reckoning is where she comes from. 

The magical city of Port Harcourt has produced an array of culture shifters with the likes of Burna Boy, Omah Lay, Timaya, Ajebo Hustlers, and more. 

Invariably, these aforementioned acts have carved an underlying impression that has subsequently paved the road to mainstream success for Port-Harcourt acts such as LST.  With this opportunity comes gargantuan footsteps to match up with, and perhaps, immense pressure- especially when considering the magnanimous nature of the label under which she is signed.

However, Lifesize Teddy appears to handle the expectations that surround her unveiling with a born-for-this attitude.

On record opener, Air, Lifesize Teddy explores vulnerability and pressure waves. Solitude isn’t an ally and she is vocal about it-  ” I ain’t trying to tell you this over the phone, might be broken, might need fixing and I hate to be alone”, she sings over a London-produced instrumental before shape-shifting moments later into her Rap persona.

The project’s lead single ‘Hypnotic’ is upbeat and soiree themed. Lifesize Teddy throws palpable bars on a joint designed to showcase her Afrobeats appeal, which she manages to score with a relatable hook. Kudos to Andrevibez as well.

‘Butterflies’ is a dreamy ballad- reminiscent of Ghana’s Gyakie Afro-R&b style. Angelic ad-libs and melodic chord progressions provide the much-needed choral ambiance to the record.

In terms of originality, LST makes a good case. Her flows are precise and her storytelling is ridden with intentionality. The Port-Harcourt-born emcee is articulate and succinct.

Only a few of the New Generation female emcees in Nigeria carry as much punch and potential as she does- with honorary mentions to Sgawd, Reespect, and co. Therefore, the competition appears slim, and a crown is seemingly LST’s for the taking.

While she enjoys major label funding, only time and laurels will reveal Lifesize Teddy’s shelf life in a burgeoning industry that suffers from amnesia.

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