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Raytheboffin Touches Sensitive Spots With New E.P, ‘Freckles’

Abuja-based artist-producer Ray the boffin releases Freckles, a 6-track collection of love stories set to a futuristic sonic backdrop taking in Alté, R&B and experimental production.

His first project of 2023, Freckles serves as a testament to Raytheboffin’s exceptional artistry, seamlessly blending diverse musical genres into an awe-inspiring and utterly distinctive
auditory experience.

It follows his 2022 debut EP Run Boy, Run, a similarly immersive and exploratory tape which was accompanied by a manga storyline, featured 3kene, barelyanyhook and Julrity, and saw him grace the cover of Spotify’s Alté Cruise playlist.

With a diverse range of features from West and South Africa including Tim Lyre, TwelveXII, Yimeeka, BUSA, 3kene and Riverays collaborator Iver Rivers, Freckles is a statement of intent
from the budding producer as he forges a brand new sound within the alté canon.

The trailblazing first single ‘Lifeline’ with 3kene and Tim Lyre has seen support pile in for Ray from iMULLAR, The Upper Ent, Harmattan Rain, The Native Mag and More Branches. In Ray’s words: “”Freckles” is an ode to the magic that lies in imperfection, reminding us that
true beauty often resides in the most unexpected places.

Through heartfelt lyrics, haunting melodies, and captivating instrumentation, this EP takes you on a journey where Each track is a melodic brushstroke, painting a vivid picture of the beauty found in the quirks, the vulnerabilities, and the unconventional paths that love can take.”

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