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Tekno Shines With Sophomore Album “The More The Better”

Tekno has displayed his musical talent and prowess with the release of his new album “The More The Better.” With this album, he has shown how good he is at writing songs, how melodious and catchy his voice and tunes are, and how fantastic he is at producing songs he creates. 

Tekno arrived at the music scene way back in 2017 when he dropped his debut single “Pana.” Not long after that, he recreated that sound in other songs and went on to work with Davido on his hit single “If.”


He went on to release several hits back to back, and then his debut album “Old romance” in 2020.

Released on September 1st with 13 tracks, the Buga singer has explored multiple genres on his latest album, combining several fascinating themes, beats, melodies, and musical progressions. Let’s take you through several aspects of these 13 songs. 

All 13 songs have a combined playtime of 37 minutes, and they all offer a dynamic and versatile tone. Many of these songs fuse Afrobeats, R&B, and Hip-Hop. The opening song, Twice shy, starts with an interesting sample from British singer Dido’s “Thank you.” The song has been sampled by various people like Eminem on his song “Stan.”

Many other songs like title track “The more the better,” “Flashy lights,” and “Peppermint” talk about the need for positive vibes and enjoyment around himself, and the excitement that comes with finding an exhilarating love interest. To your delight, you’ll be pleased to know that Tekno kept the themes of the songs on this album lighthearted. So, it’s highly relatable and you won’t need to do mental gymnastics to understand the message he’s trying to pass across.

A track I personally loved was “Regina,” a slow paced, vulnerable song where he talks about his love for a particular woman and how much quality she has. The sign also expresses how much this mystery woman has improved Tekno’s life for the better. Lola Rae, is that you?

The album ends with “Can’t chase,” a song that talks about his self-respect and how he can’t beg for the love and attention of any woman. The melodious lyrics state that while he’s a hopeless romantic, he’s not a fan of any form of unrequited love. 

If you’re looking for music you can use for a delightful getaway for a half hour, then you can let this album play from the top. Because Tekno hasn’t dropped music in a while, many people may have forgotten about his musical genius and prowess. However, the “Peppermint” singer has jogged all our memories and made his contribution towards delivering awesome Afrobeats music. 

Total Score: 8.2/10

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