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Imole: A Eulogy from a passive listener of MohBad

Usually, before an individual is been considered to write an authentic and befitting tribute to a well-known celebrity who had died, such person must have been privy to a close relationship with, or at the very least been impacted by the deceased while the star was alive (family, friends, and occasionally, rabid fanatics of the deceased star often get the honor).

However, In this piece, this writer humbly bargains for an exemption.

Honestly, the late Mohbad’s music wasn’t a constant addition to this writer’s playlist even though the street pop singer raved the airwave in his short but impactful lifetime. Mohbad’s distinctive baritone propelled catchy anthems that periodically highlighted the bundle of talent that dwelled beyond his benign frame and which ultimately registered in the subconscious cerebral of many including this writer who happens to be a passive listener.

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba often referred to himself as “Imole”, which simply transcribed to “Light” in the Yoruba language, and while a considerable amount of the late singer’s discography might have embedded thematic expressions that contradicted his catchphrase, a good portion resonated his truth- Imole.

In his short life, Mohbad shone his light through his God given talent, inspiring and representing the hard knock life realities of the average Nigerian Ghetto Youth, especially where he hailed from -Ikorodu ( a suburban area in Lagos where many barely thrived).

Mohbad made people feel good (pun intended) even when he secretly battled his worst demons. To some he was just a pop star, to others who carefully listened, he mirrored their pain and struggle in an optimistic manner that was often characterized by sensational melodies and captivating hooks.

Through his music, Mohbad was able to beat the status quo of a slumdog, even though the circumstances that led to his apex would tragically cost him his life. With Mohbad, the curtain might have fallen to an abrupt close, but the star’s light will continue to shine. Rest in power, Imole.

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