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Everything you need to know about Spotify’s Afrobeats dedicated website

Spotify is unarguably one of the world’s most prominent Digital service providers (DSPs) with over 551 million listeners, 11 million artists, 5,000 genre classification, and available in over 180

In June 2023, the streaming company launched an Afrobeats-centric website in commemoration of the West African genre’s landmark achievement of over 13 billion streams on Spotify, in 2022
alone! The website is aptly named- Afrobeats: Journey of a Billion Streams.

Over the years, Spotify has been one of the few leading DSPs that has provided the Afrobeats movement with various industry mechanisms to grow such as Editorial playlists, and masterclasses which have contributed to making the genre the success that it is today.

Ultimately, Spotify’s inaugural website for Afrobeats is a clear indication of the DSP’s contributions to the genre’s growth and it is necessary for anyone who is affiliated with the Afrobeats culture to get acquainted with it.

What is the purpose of the website:

Afrobeats: Journey of a Billion Streams is a well-detailed website that aims to properly document the music genre’s essentials ranging from its humble beginnings in West Africa, its evolution as a global phenomenon to the notable genres it has infused over the years and its ultimate role as a cultural export beyond music.

Reliable Website Data:

Through the conscientious and relentless outsourced inputs of trusted and well-informed music industry professionals such as legacy music label executives, artists, media personnel, and
music journalists, Spotify accrues reliable data for the website.

Streaming Milestones are made available:

Via insight provided by Spotify’s backend data, the site renders up-to-date info regarding the
genre’s most notable streaming and artist milestones, such as:

Top Afrobeats artists globally:

Top Streamed Afrobeats songs of all time:

Top Exported Afrobeats artists:

Top Exported Afrobeats tracks:

Top Female Afrobeats artists:

Top Exported Afrobeats Albums:

Also notable is that in commemoration of the 63rd independence of Nigeria and in line with the celebration of Afrobeats that Spotify championed with the launch of the Afrobeats: Journey of a
Billion Streams site, Spotify will be having a celebration in Lagos, Nigeria on 13 October.

The celebration will mark the climax and conclusion of the Spotify Afrobeats campaign this year.
Artists scheduled to perform at The Celebration event are Ruger, Sarz, Fave, Shallipopi, Bloody
Civilian Maze x Mxtreme, and DJ Tohbad as the resident DJ.

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