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Dapper Group, a trailblazing force in the Afrobeats music industry, has rapidly redefined the landscape for African music, connecting artists with global audiences through innovative strategies and a technology-driven approach. Since its inception in 2018, Dapper Group has evolved from a music distribution and label service into a comprehensive 360-service company, offering management, distribution, publishing, and label services.

Among our diversified entities, you’ll discover our subsidiaries: Dapper Digital, Dapper Music and Entertainment, Dapper Films, Dapper Live, and our music publishing division, S94 Publishing.

Our label presently features a roster of talented and unique artists, including Shallipopi, Seyi Vibez, TI Blaze, Balloranking, and BhadBoi OML, to mention just a few. The rise of streaming services in Nigeria, alongside the global Afrobeats phenomenon, has proven to be a significant asset for Dapper Group. Consequently, we’ve managed the distribution and release of more than 2,000 songs, leading to our artists achieving impressive success in streaming on major digital platforms. Seyi Vibez’s projects, ranging from “Billion Dollar Baby” to “Thy Kingdom Come,” have reached the #1 position on the Apple Music Top 100 chart in Nigeria. Similarly, Shallopopi’s “Planet Pluto EP” has secured the coveted #1 spot on the Top 100 chart. Our label’s artists have collectively garnered over 1 billion streams on Audiomack, with five albums individually surpassing 100 million streams.

Meet the Team

Behind the success of Dapper Group is a dynamic team of executives, each contributing their unique expertise and passion to make Dapper Group a driving force in the global music industry.

Damilola “Dapper” Akinwunmi – CEO, Dapper Group

Temitayo Ibitoye – Vice President, Dapper Group

Temitayo Ibitoye, also known as Tee-Y Mix, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene. As the Vice President of Dapper Group, he has embraced extensive responsibilities, encompassing distribution, artist management, and A&R. Tee-Y Mix’s emphasis on innovation and adaptability within the industry has driven Dapper Group to stay ahead of market forces and opportunities. He believes that a well-structured approach is key to the evolution of the industry, and Dapper Group is leading the way in shaping the future of African music and pop culture.

Abe O. Adeile – Business Operations & Strategy, Dapper Group

Abe O. Adeile has a long history in the music and entertainment world, starting with PR strategies for UK-based artists and later transitioning to roles related to the music scene. His journey with Dapper Group began as a consultant during a phase of business expansion, captivated by the company’s vision and potential. Abe emphasizes the importance of structure in the dynamic music industry, allowing for scalable growth and realignment as needed. He envisions Dapper Group as a catalyst for propelling local talents onto the global stage, reshaping the global music landscape.

Kelechi Akwari – Senior Vice President, Dapper Music and Entertainment

Kelechi Akwari’s career in music management and A&R began with guiding YCee to success in 2013, and his relationship with Dapper Group solidified in 2019. With a keen ear and eye for quality music and potential stardom, Kelechi plays a pivotal role in recruiting, nurturing, and managing the plethora of stars associated with Dapper Music and Entertainment. His motivation to join Dapper stemmed from the company’s growing presence and the opportunities it offered to tap into Africa’s rich talent pool. Kelechi’s goal is to help establish Dapper Group as a major record company in the world.

Demola Alugo – Senior Vice President, Dvpper Digital

Demola Alugo’s journey into the music and entertainment industry began in 2014, and in 2019, he joined Dapper Group as the Senior Vice President of Dvpper Digital. His role focuses on growing and developing the digital arm of Dapper Music & Entertainment, including music distribution, licensing, digital sales, and marketing. Demola’s vision is clear: to build a bridge connecting music consumers to its makers and establish Dvpper Digital as the top choice for artists, both aspiring and established, to distribute their music.

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