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Renowned Musician Spacely and Hustle Ghana to Present “The Link Pop”.

Spacely, also known as Keanu or the Ad-lib King, is set to redefine the essence of art with a one-of-a-kind event, “The Link Pop” happening on November 18, 2023. Born in Accra, Ghana, and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Spacely’s diverse cultural background and fluency in English, French, Twi, and Ga have shaped his unique
musical journey.

In 2016, Spacely’s debut single “Love on Drugs (ft Darko Vibes prod by NXWRTH)” caught the attention of music enthusiasts, thanks to his distinctive low-pitched, slurred voice. This marked the beginning of his musical journey, which ultimately led to the formation of the collective, “La Même Gang”. His talent transcends genres, effortlessly
switching from Trap to Afropop and R&B.

Spacely’s electrifying live performances and iconic ad-libs on tracks like “Homicide” by Sarkodie and “Balance” and “Blessing” by Pappy Kojo have made him a standout figure in the Ghanaian music scene. He passionately declares, “I want to add a new taste to the whole art community; it isn’t just about music. I always want to create experiences, so ‘The Link Pop’ is just another experience in a creative way.”

In partnership with the pioneering entrepreneurs at Hustle Ghana, Spacely is thrilled to present “The Link Pop,” an electrifying event at the intersection of music, fashion, and entertainment. Hustle Ghana, a mobile-first platform for entrepreneurs, serves as the main sponsor, promising an unforgettable experience for the community.

Spacely’s mission goes beyond music; he seeks to redefine the essence of art and create immersive experiences. He passionately states, “I want to add a new taste to the whole art community; it isn’t just about music. I always want to create experiences, so ‘The
Link Pop’ is just another experience in a creative way.”

This year, “The Link Pop” finds a fitting home at Jambo Spaces, a collection of coworking spaces that empowers creative professionals to build connections, network, and collaborate. Spacely reflects warmly on this collaboration, emphasizing the harmony between his creative vision and Jambo Spaces.

With a deep appreciation for the artistic diversity of Ghana, Spacely champions the country’s vibrant creativity. He passionately asserts, “Ghana art is undeniable; we have a lot of creatives out there doing creative and authentic stuff, just like ‘Free The Youth.’

That’s the narrative I always want to push out there.” “The Link Pop” promises to showcase top-tier musical talents and cutting-edge fashion designers, offering an extraordinary experience that will not only captivate your auditory senses but also inspire your inner fashionista. This event celebrates the synergy between music and fashion, inviting you to embrace the rhythm and style.

Spacely has exciting collaborations in store, including “La Même Gang,” B4bonah, Kofi Mole, and a surprise guest. He’s also teaming up with Open Xeason, a Ghanaian brand specializing in merchandise, to release exclusive pieces from his ‘Keanu’ tape.

As Spacely looks ahead, he envisions a future filled with more music, shows, and even live band performances to boost the event. His commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences is unwavering.
In the realm of fashion, “The Link Pop” will spotlight emerging brands, each offering a unique perspective on entertainment, lifestyle, art, and culture.

Open Xeason extends beyond conventional clothing, while Reeyahswim specializes in handmade resort wear, and Ehizogielawani weaves exclusive pieces from Ghana and Nigeria’s vibrant tapestries, infused with rich cultural heritage.

Don’t miss “The Link Pop,” where music, fashion, and art converge to create an epic collaboration, a testament to Spacely’s mission to redefine the essence of art.

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