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Dammzy FP and Millz BDM Put On A Show With “Bend It Over”

Dammzy FP links up with Millz BDM and producer Tumzbeatz for the song, “Bend It Over”. This song  is a sensual one, carrying a subtle bounce that is rooted in Afrobeats instrumentation but coated in Indian tempo and flavour. The trio pull together different sounds and influences for this record, while putting in significant vocal performances to make an infectious rendition. For Tumzbeatz, she once again crafts a convenient environment that gives her collaborators a platform to flourish artistically on her beats.

“Bend It Over” has an interesting choice of instruments that blend together to form the final sound. The guitar riffs at the start of the song carry on throughout the song’s background. Drums and guitars go together in most cases, and the drum is the instrument that sets the pace and bounce of the record. It is a memorable blend and infectious in many ways, as the looping guitar riffs are capable of putting the listener under its spell. The blend of the guitar and drums give “Bend It Over” its danceability, and at 106BPM they serve us some mid-tempo magic.

The sensuality of “Bend It Over” is apparent upon hearing the first chords that flood the speakers as soon as the song starts. It’s fit for belly dancers who can hypnotize an audience with their swaying movements. Tumzbeatz taps into this feeling expertly on the song, and this dexterous touch highlights her ability to turn several feelings into sound. She displays a natural understanding of the importance of a progressive structure when creating layers within a song. This makes “Bend It Over” a delicious offering that is worthy of heavy radio time.

Dammzy FB and Millz BDM also produced outstanding performances on “Bend It Over”. Dammzy FP uses his sultry vocals to create tension that blends with the record’s delicate composition. He utilizes an infectious cadence to keep the listener hooked to the sound of his voice and he does so to great success. Tumzbeatz creates an environment that fills her collaborator’s minds with ideas and lets their creativity flow. The strengths of the trio come to the fore on this song, and we are immediately thrust into the depth of their talent.

Tumzbeatz, once again, shows her ability to blend ideas with many artists and collaborators. Her linkup with Dammzy FP and Millz BDM is a further indication of that fact. The trio put on a show on “Bend It Over”, creating a song worthy of as much popularity as its quality. If Tumzbeatz continues at this rate, she is going to fill the Nigerian airwaves with her sound and her tag.

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