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OmawumiMegbele, known by her stage name Omawumi, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and actress of Itsekiri ethnicity.

Omawumi’s journey in the music industry is a testament to her tenacity and raw talent. She first gained widespread recognition through her participation in the 2007 edition of the West African Idols competition, where she was the runner-up. Since then, she has continued to rise to prominence, making her mark in the Nigerian music scene with her unique style and distinct voice.

Across four albums and one EP, Omawumi has established herself as one of Nigeria’s most euphonious voices, gracefully expressing a range of emotions with her boundless vocals.

Omawumi returns once more with her latest LP titled “More”. She calls upon the storytelling technique that’s worked so well for her in the past. Recounting tales from that era, and also her recent past, gives the project a humane touch after all, a streak of humility amidst the pop flagrance.

“Music is everything…it is a form of communication that speaks on every part of life that has ears, it is very spiritual, it can be a teacher, sometimes even in the abstract, there is a language” – Omawumi “Thank God” is an ode to God’s guidance in her journey, “Try” delves into unrequited love. “More,” featuring Psycho YP, is a plea for genuine affection. “Love You Well” celebrates love in all its forms. In “Yolo,” Omawumi urges us to find solace and seize opportunities. “No Be Play” motivates us to face adversity and criticism with prayer, and conquer our “fears.” The album wraps up with “Auzubillah”.


  1. Thank God (Produced by Cobhams)
  2. Try (Produced by Sizzlepro)
  3. More (Produced by Sizzlepro)
  4. Love You Well (Produced by Yussybeats)
  5. Yolo (Produced by Cobhams)
  6. No Be Play (Produced by Sizzlepro)
  7. Fear (Produced by Sizzlepro)
  8. Auzubillahi(Produced by Sizzlepro)




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