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Make E No Cause Fight 3 – A Fusion That Constantly Births Unparalleled Synergy

It is common knowledge that Boj and Ajebutter’s “Make E No Cause Fight” run is a seamless fusion of their individual talents, resulting in a mesmerizing musical journey. This collaborative effort is a testament to their remarkable synergy, evident in every track of the EP straight from MENCF1released in 2018, down to the most recent release thus year – MENCF3.

This new release follows a four-year hiatus since their last installment, making it a highly anticipated return.The EP, consisting of five tracks, showcases the duo’s individual artistry and unparalleled chemistry. Despite the extended wait period, the synergy between Boj and Ajebutter22 remains as magical as ever. The duo effortlessly intertwines their distinct styles, creating a unique sound that’s both refreshing and addictive.

From the captivating beats to the cleverly crafted lyrics, each song on the album showcases the duo’s prowess in storytelling and their ability to resonate with diverse audiences. They stand out with their infectious melodies and infectious energy;the introspective tunes demonstrate their versatility and depth.

The EP opens on a congratulatory note with its first track “42”. “42” sounds like the soundtrack to toast to. It describes their growth from being broke, young lads in London to men chilling in villas and mansions. Instead of champagne, “We dey pop 42,” Ajebutter is mostly known for his catchy wordplay and punch line; he gives listeners a catchy bridge as he sprinkles a “vibey” catchphrase (miracle no deytire Jesus, amazon no dey tire Bezos…” that seem to stick with you as you listen to the song.

For listeners that have followed through from the very first MENCF ep, most will notice a sort of trend in the intro of the first ep and the intro of this latest ep as they are both numeric titles (24 and 42). 24 gives a clear picture of hope and prayers for positive results from the work they put in, while 42 comes in as a form of celebration of achievements over the years.

For a bigger part of this ep, BOJ served as the series’ mainstay, keeping songs focused with his penchant for memorable melodies. He gives every track a melodious spark. Ajebutter22 can be described as the wild card for the sizzle; he raps every phrase with a blend of humor and emotion. His quip-heavy style fits the very romantic, boastful, and mischievous character that is typically associated with most Nigerian men. This aligns perfectly with the romantic direction of MENCF3.On the smooth neo-funk track 3 “Rora,” he declares, “Many fish in the sea, but I’m ejanla.” Notably, the only guest feature on the EP is from Show Dem Camp, adding an extra layer of depth to the project.

The songs pulsate with energy, inviting listeners to groove along to their infectious rhythms. Tracks such as “42” and “Sweet Life” delve into more introspective themes, revealing the artists’ versatility in storytelling and lyrical depth.

One of the album’s standout attributes is its production quality. Each beat is meticulously crafted, creating a rich musical backdrop that complements BOJ and Ajebutter’s vocals. The synergy between their voices is remarkable, effortlessly weaving in and out of melodies, delivering punchy verses, and harmonizing flawlessly.

“Make E No Cause Fight” transcends mere collaboration; it’s a testament to the power of synergy in music. BOJ and Ajebutter’s chemistry is palpable, infusing each song with an undeniable charm that leaves a lasting impact. The EP not only solidifies their individual artistry but also sets a benchmark for collaborative projects within the Nigerian music scene.

In conclusion, “Make E No Cause Fight” is a musical masterpiece that celebrates unity in creativity. It is a project that not only entertains but also resonates on a deeper level, showcasing the beauty of collaboration when two exceptional talents come together. With its infectious beats, thoughtful lyrics, and captivating performances, BOJ and Ajebutter have delivered another great piece that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

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