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Following an impressive run with his debut single 10 Bottles in August, new Afrobeats sensation, BLAQ O2 premieres his sophomore single “Burst”, which is an infectious Afrobeats/Amapiano fusion.

Sung in Pidgin English, the new single looks to stamp a new catchphrase into the fabric of Afrobeats’ burgeoning pop culture with the statement, “water don burst” littered around the song.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Benin and currently based in Lagos, BLAQ O2’s musical odyssey ignited within the sanctified halls of the church choir during his formative years. Music swiftly evolved into his refuge, offering solace and becoming the canvas upon which he paints poignant life lessons, explores the nuances of financial pursuits, and delves into the intricate tapestry of relationships.

Bursting onto the scene with his debut single, “10 Bottles,” in August, BLAQ O2 swiftly recognized the need for evolution, aiming to elevate his lyrical and sonic prowess. His forthcoming release, aptly titled “Burst,” stands as a testament to this resolute commitment to artistic growth.

As Benin City continues to enjoy an impressive run with new school artistes like Rema, Babyboy AV and Shallipopi leading the charge, BLAQ O2 is set to join the ranks of these Benin-born artistes creating a formidable new front for the culture.

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