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Detty December: 7 Nigerian Disk Jockeys to look out for during the Yuletide season.

The festive period is upon us and there is no better time to catch a breather. It is the perfect time to party with family and friends while immersing deeply in the rhythm of great music.
If you have been introverted for the better part of the year, now is not the time to stay at home and wallow in binge-watching, comot body jor! This is the time to catch all the action happening

Concert shows, in-house parties, Festivals, name it, will all be filled with jolly spirits having a great time, grooving to some of the year’s biggest bangers and sleeper hits. One thing is certain, a Disk Jockey would be on the deck leading the vibe.

Lately, Nigerian Disk Jockeys have been filling the absurd gap left by singers, becoming highly in-demand crowd energizers who lift the ambiance of a party from a zero to a hundred and this
festive season will be no different.

Here are Ten Disk Jockeys you should be on the lookout for during this Detty December.


Tobi Peter:

Producer and Disk Jockey Tobi Peter is an amazing DJ who found fame through TikTok thanks to his brilliant antics of remixing electro-pop songs into Amapiano versions. Tobi’s unique regalia
which is characterized by the Yoruba ‘Agbada’ has made him easy to reckon with, but what makes him shine the most is his Mastery of the wheels of steel.

Dope Caeser

The suffix ‘Dope’ in Dope Caeser is highly earned. Caeser has gradually risen to become one of the most sought-after DJs in Nigeria. Her mindblowing sets are usually the highlight of an event
as she makes it an obligation to “burst brains” every chance she gets.


Nino is a talented disk jockey who has performed in esteemed events such as Amapiano district and also functions as the resident DJ of the Upper Riddim. There is never a dull moment when
Nino is the man on the turntable.

Dj Sae

Enigmatic and gifted are not enough adjectives to qualify Dj Sae. What she does with a Laptop and a DJ controller is simply a joy to behold. The beautiful and charismatic Disk jockey is the life
of any party.

Uncle Bubu

Uncle Bubu is a dynamic DJ who takes pride in the self-formed “Genre-Fusion”. His sleek ways on the turntable precede him. Uncle Bubu is a bag of tricks and there Is no telling what this
superstar DJ is capable of when he is in his element.

Wanni x Handi

Bella Naija hails this duo as the ‘Most Energetic Twin DJs’ and this claim isn’t far-fetched at all. Wanni and Handi are Twin sisters who are killing it. Who could ever resist their enthralling synergy when they are in charge of the mix?

Smallz The DJ

Smallz The DJ is a fantastic disk jockey who has performed at prestigious gigs such as Bbnaija and has been on the road with popular Nigerian singer Ckay. Need say more?

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