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Sierra Leonean Afrobeats Sensation, Boii Unleashes High-Energy Single “Sangere”

Sierra Leone’s rising Afrobeats starlet, Boii, is back with a bang as she drops her latest electrifying dance anthem, “Sangere,” produced by the renowned hitmaker, Masterkraft. Following the tremendous success of her previous release, “Credit Alert,” which recently achieved a groundbreaking milestone of 12 million cumulative streams, Boii has solidified her status as the biggest artist of 2023 in Sierra Leone.

Notably, she stands as the first female artist in the country to achieve such a monumental feat. Confirmed by her label, Cribs International, “Credit Alert” resonated in 216 countries, reaching approximately 80% of the world. Remarkably, Boii’s single streams alone surpass the combined total of all other female artists’ songs released in Sierra Leone this year.

Despite her meteoric rise in the industry within a mere 8 months since her debut, Boii continues to defy expectations and shows no signs of slowing down. Her latest offering, “Sangere,” is a pulsating track that revolves around the theme of hustle, delivering a powerful message of encouragement. The lyrics encourage listeners to exert effort in their endeavors to reap the fruits of their labour, as succinctly captured in the line, “hustle to avoid see finish.”

Adding to the musical prowess of “Sangere” is the remarkable artistry of award-winning guitarist, Fiokee. Teaming up with the deft production skills of Africa’s top producer, Masterkraft, the collaboration promises to be a potential smash hit.

Boii’s ability to consistently deliver chart-topping hits and break records underscores her undeniable talent and appeal within the global music scene. As she continues to carve her path as a trailblazing female artist, “Sangere” is set to further cement Boii’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the Afrobeats genre. Stay tuned as Boii takes the world by storm with “Sangere,” an anthem that not only captivates with its infectious beats but also inspires with its empowering message.

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