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She’s Got Bars: These Nigerian Femcees Are Slicker Than Your Average.

In Nigeria and Africa in general, Rap/Hip-Hop is grossly under-appreciated – there is no debate as the statistics speak for themselves. Over the years, the Hip-Hop sound has found little to no luck registering with African listeners – as the Afrobeats alternative has immensely dominated the African soundscape which has subsequently proven pivotal to African music’s current International trajectory.

However, recently, locale Hip-hop has been making a resurgence- due to the rise of stars like Odumodublavck and Shallipopi who have both risen to the heights of commercial success all in the space of 2023, dominating the music charts and reaching music streaming milestones in the process. However, despite Hip-hop’s gender-inclusive inclinations, the bridge between male and female counterparts still widens- and that is where this article suffices. Since Nigerian Hip-Hop is gunning for an apparent comeback, what better time than now to shine a light on some of its best Femcees to look out for?

Here are some of the hottest-rising Nigerian Femcees in the game.

Deto Black: Deto Black makes Hip-Hop sound sultry. The talented Nigerian-born, UK-based artist is one of the leading voices of Alte culture. Deto Black rubs shoulders with the Mowalolas and Chi Virgos of this world. A true sonic rebel with jarring punchlines to match. Deto’s clinical delivery when rhyming is outwardly and her confidence in records indicates her self-awareness.

Sgawd:  Sgawd (pronounced: ES GAD) is yet another Alte connoisseur. Her Sleek bars unravel an insane potential for greatness. She’s got the killer looks, an exquisite flow, and an impressive record catalog. Sgawd’s moment is only a matter of clock watch.

Reespect:  Reespect’s voice is boldly distinct, and frankly oxymoronic when considering her babyface. At first listen, Reespect’s outlook might come off as innocent but let her benign face fool you for a minute and you will be caught off guard with some of the wickedest and deepest penmanship you have ever come across.

Shalom Dubas: Nigerian-American rapper, singer, and songwriter Shalom Dubas is most definitely sleeker than the average Femcee. On Shalom’s Instagram Bio, is the wording embedded:  “ Rapper of the rarest order”- and behind this claim lies no fallacy.

Brazy: Multi-lingual rapper Brazy’s style of music is a mixture of Nigerian fast-paced lamba sonics and electronic pop. The self-acclaimed ‘Afro-Future’ and ‘Afro-sexy pioneer is a genre nonconformist who has been featured in reputable publications like Pitchfork. Her style is a unique fusion of popular music elements fused with witty rhyme schemes- with most of her conceptual inclinations tilted toward female empowerment.

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