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The biggest festival of the country is back with two Bangs, as the dynamic duo of SDC brings out the squad for the 6th edition of The Palmwine Music Festival 2023.

Here are 6 reasons you shouldn’t miss it.

Reason One: In the holiday season, Palmwine Music Festival 2023 is set to captivate audiences and spread festive cheer on the 23rd day of December. This eagerly anticipated event promises to be a celebration of one of the most iconic communities, Afro-centric culture, and the vibes of Palm wine.

Reason Two: Palmwine Music Festival offers a dazzling display of a mesmerizing wonderland in Muri Okunola, with breathtaking music and artistry that illuminates the night sky along with the festive atmosphere. Attendees are set to enjoy a lineup of top-notch live performances, by DJ SPINAL, BOJ, LADIPOE, BLOODY CIVILIAN, TOMI THOMAS, TEMS, and several more of the industry’s finest artists as blessed by the palm wine gods.

Reason Three: This year Palmwine Music Fest will kick off by day, with an exciting segment hosted by Kevwe and Cam, equipped with an interesting line-up of talents known to captivate audiences. Palmwine Merch and popup shop are another colorful highlight of the festival which would be perfect for gifting loved ones in this special season. You can chill on the basketball court if you want to blow off steam or dunk on rims.

Reason 4: It wouldn’t be Palmwine Music Fest if there wasn’t a diverse array of food on hand to satisfy every palate. Palmwine Music Festival offers a tempting selection of festive treats, savory delights, and warming beverages. From traditional holiday favorites to international cuisine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Reason Five: Palmwine Music Festival has grown over the years to become an impactful community, the perfect networking environment, and a gateway place for music lovers and people looking to enjoy the holiday season.

Reason Six: So, what is your best route to creating a memorable Christmas than being at the festival? Palmwine Music Festival is proudly supported by Coke studio, Trace TV, Beat FM, Kiss FM, Vybz FM, and other Key media organizations.

Tickets are still on sale on Nairabox and TixAfrica via this link:

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