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Upper Quintet: Zymzor, Ziggy Machala, D3kr, Nakeltbg…

At The Upper Entertainment, we believe that good music deserves to be heard. However, it often struggles to find its way to the audience it deserves. In response, we have committed ourselves to promoting emerging African artists, broadening their reach, and amplifying their voices. The Upper Quintet stands as a testament to this commitment.

The Upper Quintet is a weekly editorial series spotlighting and endorsing five outstanding underground songs. These selections are meticulously chosen by our proficient and qualified editors from a pool of entries received each week. Without further ado, here are the five songs that have captured our attention this week:

Zymzor – Zimuzor

In the realm of Nigerian music, the repetitive use of similar sounds can become monotonous. Zimuzor breaks away from the norm, presenting a unique sound that blends hip-hop with local Igbo elements. The result is an extraordinary listening experience, highlighted by a high-tempo introduction that sets the stage for an engaging journey. Trust us; you’ll love this one.

Connect With Zymzor on X or Instagram: @zymzor

D3KR – Feelings

“Feelings” is a heartbreak anthem, likely to resonate with many during this despondent times. D3KR delivers on a solid production with a consistent tempo. His seamless flow and distinctive voice leave a lasting impression, making him an artist worth discovering. “Take your feeling and go further far away from me,” says D3KR. He’s had enough, but you won’t get enough of this song.

Connect With D3KR on X or Instagram :  d3kr__

Ziggy Machala – Sweet Riddim

Ziggy Machala introduces a delightful Jamaican groove with “Sweet Riddim,” infusing French seamlessly without missing a beat. Her ability to effortlessly switch languages adds a unique dimension to her artistry. A multilingual artist? Sign us up! The song concludes with a nod to Akon’s “Gunshot” track, rounding up the experience.

Connect With Ziggy Machala on X or Instagram : @ziggymachala

Nakeltbg – Peak Cinema

“Peak Cinema” delves into themes of love, attraction, and the intoxicating influence one person can have on another. Nakeltbg’s unique voice and versatility shine, especially in delivering a captivating hook. Described as an experimental crossover of conventional Afrobeats, R&B, and Rap, this song is perfect for those laid-back moments when you just want to vibe.

Connect With Nakeltbg on X or Instagram: @nakeltbg

Modim featuring NollegeWizdumb & Yinka –  Eni Araye

“Eni Araye” is a Nigerian rock song. Yeah you read that right. It kicks off with a high tempo, immediately immersing listeners in its vibrant vibe. Modim introduces Yoruba language in both the verse and hook, adding an impressive cultural layer. NollegeWizdumb contributes his rap prowess, while Yinka brings her feminine touch to sweeten the overall vibe. Whether you’re a rock music enthusiast or not, this one is worth a listen.

Connect With Modim on X or Instagram:

In the dynamic landscape of the music industry, The Upper Quintet aims to shed light on hidden gems, ensuring that deserving artists receive the recognition they merit. Stay tuned for more musical discoveries in the coming weeks!

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