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Upper Quintet: Featuring, Nanya, Mahdey, Cznbaby, David Snow

Welcome to Week Two of the Upper Quintet, where we bring you five outstanding songs from five talented upcoming artists that deserve your attention. It’s not just about listening to these tracks; it’s about joining the artists on their journey.

Let’s dive into this week’s selection:

Alive’ – Nanya ASF:

X handle- @asaduchinaza
Instagram- @nanya_as

‘Alive is an alternative R&B gem that exudes good vibes and resonates with listeners. Nanya ASF effortlessly glides over the soft melodic tune, delivering a captivating performance. Backed by solid backup vocals, this track, produced by Riley, promises an enjoyable listening experience.

‘PartyDoor’- Mahdey:

“PartyDoor” gets your attention from the get-go. Mahdey’s fresh and innovative approach to pop music shines through, with unique elements in her flow and delivery. Her exceptional voice, especially on background vocals, adds depth to the song resulting in an incredible musical journey. While there may be resemblances to certain female artiste, we’ll let you be the judge.

X handle- @mahdeyofficial Instagram – @mahdeyofficial

One Night’- Cznbaby:

In “One Night,” Cznbaby channels his inner loverboy, ready to go the extra mile for his love interest. Produced by Furz Khadi, the track boasts a mid/high-tempo vibe.

X handle @_cznbaby Instagram @cznbaby_

Soul Gone’ – HasBFromTheWest

‘Soul Far Gone’ exudes shades of classic Kendrick Lamar, with a soothing intro and hook leading into HasBFromTheWest’s rap verse. The Kendrick Lamar influence is clear once again, making this track  a must-listen for fans of low-tempo rap looking for something chill and vibe-worthy.

X handle- @hasbfromthewest

‘7am in Jones’- David Snow:

David Snow brings an aggressive/war type vibe to the table with “7am in Jones,” describing his music as Afro Gangster. If you’re into high-energy street rap/hip-hop vibes, you’ll love this track. With vivid storytelling, David Snow paints a picture of what goes down at 7am in Adeniyi Jones.

X handle- @davidhennesssy

Join us in supporting these talented artists as they continue to carve their paths in the music industry. Stay tuned for more discoveries in the coming weeks!

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