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Upper Quintet: Featuring Psamuel, Nathan Walid, Diyo Matalo…

Welcome to yet another edition of the Upper Quintet, where we spotlight five remarkable songs from five talented emerging artists who are deserving of attention. Again, it’s not just about listening to these tracks; it’s about joining the artists on their journey. 

Let’s delve into this week’s selection:

Diyo Matalo – ‘White Flag’:

In “White Flag,” Diyo Matalo delivers a spirited message about perseverance and never giving up on your dreams. Infusing elements of hip-hop, Afrobeats, and even rock, Matalo creates an uplifting track that urges listeners to keep pushing forward, no matter the circumstance.

X and IG Handle: @diyomatalo

Psamuel – Move

Move” is a bop that keeps your head bobbing to its infectious tempo. Psamuel effortlessly navigates the fast pace, showcasing his vocal prowess throughout the track. With catchy lyrics like Move move, you are not that guy,” Psamuel delivers a proper performance. “Move” is part of the Ekwuensu/Move two-pack.

X and IG Handle: @psamuelbond

Nathan Walid – ‘How Do You Feel’

Nathan Walid brings a blend of R&B, pop, and electronic music in “How Do You Feel,” creating a masterpiece reminiscent of The Weeknd’s style. With its unique fusion of genres, this track promises to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impression. Get ready to vibe with Nathan Walid’s soulful sound.

X and IG Handle: @nathanwalid

BuTaSkOcH ft. Chimdii – ‘What’s Real’

What’s Real” explores the theme of unanswered questions and doubts, delving into the complexities of truth versus lies.  Chimdii delivers beautifully over the soothing slow tempo, while BuTaSkOcH complements with a solid verse. This track is featured on the Inquisitione EP and offers a thought provoking musical experience.

X and IG Handle: @BuTaSkOcH

Aanil – Eedua

”Eedua” is a heartfelt cry for help from Aanil to the almighty, pleading for mercy and intervention in his plight. Aanil pours his heart out, expressing the need for breakthrough in various aspects of life. In the second verse, he desperately begs Pablo not to take away the one thing he holds dear.

X and IG Handle: @aanil_sound

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