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Upper Quintet: Featuring Welmz, Big Bad Boyo, Marrz…

Another series of the Upper Quintet, where we spotlight five remarkable songs from five talented emerging artists who are deserving of your attention. As always, it’s not just about listening to these tracks; it’s about joining the artists on their journey. 

Let’s get into this week’s selection:

Fake Love – Welmz

In the spirit of the season of love, Welmz kicks off with “Fake Love,” a track that delves into the pain of unreciprocated affection. With heartfelt lyrics and a catchy chorus, Welmz navigates the emotional landscape of discovering a one-sided love interest.

Socials: X– @official_welmz Instagram -@official_welmz

Crazy – Big Bad Boyo

“Crazy” by Big Bad Boyo brings the energy with its drill-inspired sound. Demonstrating versatility in his delivery, Big Bad Boyo delivers each verse with fervor, complemented by an energetic chorus. The track, featured on the Oleko Phase One EP, is a must-listen for rap enthusiasts craving raw intensity.

Socials: X-@boyoleko Instagram– @boyoleko

Would U – Mide

“Would U” takes listeners on a heartfelt exploration of love and emotion, courtesy of MIDE. With an upbeat tempo and captivating melody, MIDE delves into the complexities of the heart,  inviting listeners to ponder the question posed in the title. This track promises an engaging listening experience hat will have you bouncing along to the rhythm.

Socials: X – @midetotheworldd Instagram – @midetotheworldd

Happiness – Marrz

Marrz brings a refreshing take on happiness with his track of the same name. Amidst the buzz of another popular “Happiness” song, Marrz offers his own feel-good anthem, reminding listeners to persevere through tough times. With lyrics encouraging resilience and positivity, “Happiness” sets the tone for Marrz’s EP, Four Play.

Socials: X-@marrzofficial, Instagram– @marrzofficial

Maye – Perrywtv

“Maye” presents a mid-tempo Afro-Pop offering from Perrywtv. Flowing seamlessly with vocal prowess reminiscent of Ckay, Perrywtv maintains a captivating tempo throughout the track. With its infectious rhythm and vibe, “Maye” is sure to resonate with listeners offering a song that you can easily vibe to.

Socials: X– @perry_wtv Instagram: @perrymuzic

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