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Upper Quintet: Featuring, Oremade, Cgee, Mo’ believe…

The Upper Quintet series continues to deliver fresh underground talent week after week, and this edition is no exception. Without further ado,  let’s dive into the latest lineup:

Bottles – Cgee ft Emaxee:

“Bottles” tackles the theme of coping with life’s struggles, shedding light on the use of drinking and smoking as mechanisms for survival. Cgee’s reflective lyrics, coupled with Emaxee’s introspective rap verse, create a narrative that resonates with listeners. It’s the kind of song you turn to when you’re feeling low, providing solace and camaraderie in shared experiences.

Social Media Handles: X – @Cgeehere. Insta- @Cgeehere.

StoneCold – Oremade ft AR4:

”StoneCold” delves into the aftermath of heartbreaks, with Oremade reflecting on past pains while striving for emotional healing. AR4 adds depth to the narrative with her perspective, expressing a desire for love despite the scars of the past. Backed by the top-notch expertise of producer, AyoDans, and mixing engineer, Jinmi Abduls, the track captivates with its heartfelt lyrics, coupled with vocals, and infectious tempo. ”Stonecold” is a track off Oremade’s recently release: Greatness EP.

Social Media Handles: X – @Davidoremade Insta- @Davidoremade

Dedicated – AR4:

In “Dedicated,” AR4 exudes self-confidence as she asserts her place in the music industry. With subtle yet powerful flows, she reflects on her journey and emphasizes her commitment to her craft. MOFO’s production complements AR4’s delivery, resulting in a captivating song that reaffirms her rising status as an artist to watch.

Social Media Handles: X – @Ar4oluwa Insta- @Ar4oluwa

Fcukboyz – Mo’believe:

“Fcukboyz” serves as an anthem for self-proclaimed playboys and heartbreakers, with Mo’believe embracing his role with unabashed confidence. Over an upbeat tempo, he flaunts his prowess with familiar lingo, delivering a track that exudes charisma and attitude. The song’s essence is encapsulated by the outro just before the song ends, culminating in a captivating listening experience.

Social Media Handles: X – @Mobelieve_ Insta- @Mobelieve_

Kiss Me Longer – EmTheGoddess:

Closing the lineup with a sensual vibe, “Kiss Me Longer” invites listeners into a world of passion and desire. EmTheGoddess’s sultry vocals intertwine with the seductive melody, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and longing. The addition of trumpets adds a touch of elegance to the track, making it the perfect soundtrack for romantic moments.

Social Media Handles: X- @emthegoddess Insta – @emthegoddess

With each track offering a unique perspective and sonic experience, the Upper Quintet continues to showcase the depth and diversity of emerging talent in the music industry. Keep an eye on these artists as they carve out their paths to success.

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