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Upper Quintet: Featuring, Dela, Icah, Caralee…

This Women’s History Month and International Women’s Week, the Upper Quintet joins in celebrating the remarkable achievements of women by spotlighting five incredible female artists. Let’s delve right in!

Solomon” – Dela:

Dela brings the heat with “Solomon,” an upbeat dancehall-infused track that tells the story of rejecting unwanted advances. Through skillful storytelling and dynamic production, Dela captivates listeners with her refusal to succumb to manipulation. “Solomon” is one of the
songs off Dela’s self-titled two-pack. Be sure to listen

X handle: @badgirldela Insta handle: @badgirldela

“Me”- Icah:

“Me” is a soulful journey through Icah’s experiences navigating life. Against a backdrop of slow-tempo melodies, Icah reflects on her personal growth and resilience, demanding recognition and appreciation for her journey. Her commanding vocals and introspective lyrics make “Me” a powerful song of self-empowerment and resilience. We’re surely giving her flowers for this one. Me is one of the tracks off the Me/Enough two-pack.

X handle: @The_icah Instagram: @The_icah

“Gra Gra” – Caralee:

Despite its title, “Gra Gra” exudes a sense of calm and passion. Caralee’s silky vocals serenade listeners as she expresses affection for her lover with heartfelt lyrics. The song’s gentle tempo and Caralee’s emotive delivery create an intimate atmosphere, inviting listeners
to bask in the warmth of love and connection.

X handle: @Officialcaralee Instagram: @Official_caralee

“Draw Me Closer” – Tyntyxo:

“Draw Me Closer” is a soulful R&B freestyle that showcases Tyntyxo’s exceptional vocal talent and lyrical prowess. With smooth melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Tyntyxo effortlessly draws listeners in, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and vulnerability. The song’s captivating vibe makes it a track that resonates long after the music fades.

X handle: @Tyntyxo Instagram: @Tynty_xo

“Potion”- Mimi Maradona:

Mimi Maradona delivers AfroSoul magic with “Potion,” blending afrobeat(s) elements with soulful melodies to create a captivating sonic experience. Her smooth vocals glide effortlessly over the infectious rhythm, drawing listeners into a hypnotic groove. “Potion” is a dose of musical magic that leaves a lasting impression.

X handle: @Bugo_babyMi Instagram: @mimi_maradonaaa

Each of these tracks celebrates the strength, resilience, and creativity of women, reaffirming their importance in shaping culture, music and society. Let’s continue to support and uplift female artists as they inspire and empower us through their music.

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