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Upper Quintet: Featuring Oluwamiller, Compadrey, Na-Ku…

The Upper Quintet series continues to deliver fresh underground talent week after week, and this edition is no exception. Without further ado,  let’s dive into the latest lineup:

“Agblagbi” – Oluwamillar

Drill is a genre of music that many people in the Nigerian music scene haven’t hacked so it’s always a great thing to see someone completely eat up a drill beat. Oluwamillar does this on Agbalagbi. His ability to seamlessly fuse Yoruba and English without missing a beat is even more endearing. The song starts with a Baba Suwe sample, setting the tone for an amazing listening experience. Agbalagbi means Superior Elder and It’s a must-listen for anyone who enjoys drill music.

X handle @thisism1llar
Instagram @oluwa_milla

“Aurora Borealis” – Na-Ku

Aurora Borealis also known as Northern Lights is a spectacular colourful display in the northern hemisphere’s night sky. For Na-Ku, ‘Aurora Borealis’ describes the rebirth and shedding of old skin. He is anew, shining like Aurora Borealis shines on a night. With its captivating alte percussion and anime-inspired samples, it’s a track fans of alte music will fancy. Aurora Borealis is one of the songs of the Bad Mood: Blue Period EP

 X handle @BadMoodTears
Instagram @Badmoodtears

“Talking Stage” – Compadrey

On Talking Stage, Compadrey takes us on a personal journey through the ups and downs of the infamous “talking stage” in relationships. It always starts with a Hi then it ends in the long run He says on the hook. Talking stages is as relatable as it gets. With lyrics that evoke memories, it is one song you won’t ignore.

X handle: @spunkysamson
Instagram: @c0mpadrey

African Woman” – ThatboyTenor

A song about the African Woman? I best believe we’re seated. Thatboytenor dedicates this son to his mother as seen in his cover art. He also refers to the special woman in his life. Produced by magic sounds, Tenor delivers a captivating performance.

X handle @tenorponthemic

Instagram @tenorponthemic

“LOVE” – Femi jr ft Jasmine

Femi Jr and Jasmine collaborate on LOVE, a song with an interesting concept. Femi jr had the idea to shoot a music video at his wedding so he had to write a song to fit his wedding and the description. The result is a track that showcases Femi Jr’s rap style, with Jasmine providing amazing vocals on the hook.

X handle @olufemi__

Instagram @olufemi_

Join us in supporting these talented artists as they continue to carve their paths in the music industry. Stay tuned for more discoveries in the coming weeks!

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