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Upper Quintet: Featuring Polarvy, Sharlly, Runjozi…

The Upper Quintet is a weekly editorial series where we spotlight five remarkable songs from five talented emerging artists who are deserving of your attention. As always, it’s not just about listening to these tracks; it’s about joining the artists on their journey. 

Let’s get into this week’s selection:

We Gather Dey’ – Polarvy

‘We Gather Dey’ is a popular line we use as Nigerians. It means we’re in this together or something along that line. For Polarvy, she talks about the struggles and challenges the average youth faces in the country. With relatable lyrics over an upbeat tempo, we Gather Dey gives assurance that regardless of the situation, we are in this together. 

X handle @polarpondis

Instagram @polarpondis 

GMYV (Give Me Your Vibes) – DubbyGoHard:

DubbyGoHard’s “Give Me Your Vibes” is a love-themed track where he passionately expresses his feelings for a love interest. The assertive tone and distinct beat create an atmosphere of sincerity and determination in his pursuit of love. The slow tempo allows listeners to immerse themselves in the song’s core.

X handle @Dubbygohard

Instagram @dubbygohard

Helpless – Sharlly

Helpless” by Sharlly delves into personal experiences within past relationships, highlighting the struggle to accept fault and take accountability. Through the song, Sharlly advocates for transparency and accountability in all aspects of life. The combination of Sharlly’s vocals and the surreal trumpet sound over a mid-tempo beat creates a captivating and introspective vibe.

 X handle @sharllykhiz

Instagram @sharllykhiz

Pick Up – Runjozi

Pick Up” by Runjozi explores themes of love and intimacy, showcasing the transformative power of romantic connections. Runjozi’s expression of yearning for his lover is characterized by sincerity and authenticity, with laid-back vocals complementing the chill instrumentals. It’s a track that embodies the desire to express love without reservations.

X handle @runjozi_jones

Instagram @runjozi_jones

Do You –  Derrythm

Derrythm’s “Do You” delves into the complexities of love and relationships, particularly during uncertain and tumultuous times. The lyrics reflect a search for clarity and understanding within a past relationship that turned toxic. The intoxicating melody of the song draws listeners in, evoking emotions of introspection and contemplation.

X handle @iamderrythm

Instagram @Derrythm

Join us in supporting upcoming artists as they look to make their mark in the music industry. Stay tuned for more discoveries in the weeks to come!

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