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Sports Executive, Lanre Vigo, is the ”playmaker” with a story.

Written assertively on Lanre Vigo’s Instagram profile bio is ” If you know my story you will love me”.

A few years ago, a brave yet conceding Lanre Vigo had called it quits on his cherished dreams of becoming a professional footballer. At the time of his decision, Lanre was a twenty-seven years old graduate of the University of Northampton and had spent most of his early years helplessly in love with the beautiful game of football, chasing the ambition of going professional with the hope that fate’s pendulum would one day swing in his stead.

However, fate stood smirking in her corner, for she had tricks up her sleeves… C’est la vie.

Growing up, women of distinct generations groomed Lanre; a single mother, and a loving grandmother (both of whom initially didn’t take keenly to Lanre’s obsession with football). However, upon watching the young lad sway an audience with his amazing skill and prowess, his wards began to take him more seriously.

Convinced of Lanre’s potential, his Grandmother purchased his first soccer boots, which he began to use until he left the country for further studies in England.

While in England, he struggled to fit in with the English boys, as the quality of football abroad, differed from that found at home. Thankfully, Lanre quickly adapted to the gameplay. Through sheer grit and skill, he caught the eye of one of the English Coaches who saw the great potential he had.

Times passed, but Lanre’s career, however, suffered the blatant blow of stagnation. He did all the right things, even took a football-inspired trip down to Spain, where he played alongside fellow academy rising stars, but in a twist of fate, his big breakthrough as a player never came.

Lanre, with a can of energy drink in hand, and a ball underneath.

Now, Lanre is older and has found a new calling in the capacity of sports administration. In his refurbished endeavor, he functions as the co-owner of a sports talent management agency, The Plug Sports, and recently, a football club, Inter Lagos FC. This way, he finds fulfillment in helping others to achieve their wildest dreams, becoming the background ”playmaker”.

A thriving partnership formed with longtime friend, Asa Asika, gave birth to Plug Sports. Both intelligible and ambitious young men hungry for impact, set out with nothing but audacity and the pursuit of excellence.

With an impressive network of clientele that includes Israel Adesanya, Tobi Amusan, Michelle Alozie, Asisat Oshoala, and more, Lanre and Asa have been able to build a successful sports agency from the ground up, and have risen to become inspirational figures in the sports administrative world, especially considering how young both men are.

Lanre is not one to be complacent with achievements, he is always seeking a challenge, especially one that involves disrupting the status quo. This is why just in his early thirties, he co-owns a football club in Lagos, Nigeria called Inter Lagos Fc.

Co-owning Inter Lagos FC wasn’t the initial plan. He was only seeking further impact in the Nigerian sports sector. Together with his friend, Olumide, they both nurtured the idea of bringing together restaurant staff for a “Restaurant League”, however, upon envisaging the daunting task ahead, they decided to change course.

Lanre, with Nigerian Center Forward, Asisat Oshoala

The thought of owning a club seemed far-fetched, considering the financial and social odds stacked against himself and his partners; Olumide Fayankin and Gatumi Aliyu, but with a great sense of belief, Lanre and his partners took on the challenge of becoming stakeholders in a Nigerian competitive football team; despite being considerably very young men.

Earlier in the year, Inter Lagos FC was unveiled in a media launch, and in only a short time the club has achieved great strides.

The club which is comprised of an enthusiastic team of players and administrative staff has been able to make its presence known, as Inter Lagos FC recently qualified for the Semi-final of the 2024 Lagos State FA Cup, in a derby bout between Sporting Lagos and Inter Lagos FC.

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