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DJ Kev defies boundaries with his latest song,’Fala Folo’ featuring rising star, Toby K

Afrobeats has always had celebration and party-starting at its core, a genre rooted in the amplification of great times and party-starting motifs. The representation of this multi-layered experience can come in the form of slow-tempo ballads or hypervivid pop anthems. Still, the subtext has always remained the elevation of the audience to a better place upon listening. Rising disc jockey, DJ Kev, understands this and pays homage to its genre’s celebratory utility with a series of polychromatic sizzlers that blur the line between the off-the-cuff romantic declarations and percussion-heavy bangers. 

The DJ’s latest song, “Fala Folo,” a partnership with rising singer, Toby K, shows an interesting synthesis of the DJ and producer’s knack for seeking out propulsive songs while urging Toby K to a higher level. Although they live in different parts of the world, the duo manages to capture the dynamism and chemistry that makes Afrobeats popular on their new single, “Fala Folo,” stunningly bringing the details of a night out on the town to life with stunning clarity as Toby K’s pristine vocals ride the wave of the amapiano-inflected instrumental. The true genius of “Fala Folo” is how the boisterous and sentimental exist side-by-side with a focus on extending the runway of a good time. 

Speaking of the inspiration for the single, DJ Kev said:

There’s a wave that goes on in Nigeria where people appreciate every song and I’ve always tried to experiment. But it comes to a point where, especially as a DJ, you need a banging song to keep the party amped up. I wanted a song that we could play at the peak of the club not just to warm things up, “Fala Folo” is a song with that tempo and energy to get people going. It’s an afro-piano song that has a bounce and we just want people to connect with it and have a great time because that’s the most important thing and why we make music.”

Continuing, Toby K, who was introduced to DJ Kev through a mutual contract, says that collaborating with the DJ has opened up his mind to the power of working with others. “When people think alike or people headed in the same direction come together, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished regardless of even physical distance. Presently, DJ Kev and I are in different parts of the world but because of our shared vision, we are here and we are really happy with the song because we know it’ll create a moment.”

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