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GNE & Laime with Prettyboy D-O join forces on new single ‘Blow My Cover’

[Lagos, 13th April] Laime, drops his first single of the year, “Blow My Cover” with an impressive feature from notable artist Prettyboy D-O, which is now available on streaming platforms. 

This pulsating Afro rhythm infused with infectious melodies and clever wordplay emerges as the first collaboration from Port Harcourt natives Laime and D-O, produced by Apex members, Thrill Max and Kuddi. “Blow My Cover” delivers a message about the consequences of exposing hidden truths, the lyrics delve into the intricacies of maintaining a facade and the inevitable consequences that follow when one’s cover is blown.

Through its infectious beat and audacious verses, the single serves as a cry for authenticity and discretion in a scene where maintaining appearances is paramount, which will surely resonate with listeners worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and societal observations, Prettyboy D-O injects his signature ‘Culte’ sound into the mix, adding a much-needed flair and elevating the track to new heights. This collaboration serves as Prettyboy D-O’s first feature of the year.

Laime and Prettyboy D-O are pioneering the new generation of African music with their raw energy, unique musical abilities, and individual twists with this new single by owning their truth and delivering a standout collaboration.

“Blow My Cover” is more than just a song; it’s the beginning of a new era,” adds Laime. ‘Blow My Cover’ introduces his upcoming EP, ‘Life As We Know It’ and promises listeners an immersive experience into his world.

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