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Spotify wows art lovers in Lagos for its Inaugural ‘Daylist’ inspired ‘Sip & Paint’.

In a remarkable display of cultural elevation, streaming giant Spotify hosted patrons of creative arts & entertainment for its first-of-a-kind ‘Sip & Paint’ held in Lagos, Nigeria.

The event took place on a humid afternoon powered by Spotify and inspired by Spotify’s newly launched playlist feature, ‘Daylist’. 

Specifically tailored for a creative ambiance, Spotify designed the event with fun-themed initiatives such as a Graffiti Booth; the perfect spot for the audience to explore their childlike creativity through pictorial capturing deemed “Instagrammable”. 

Art and fun lovers at the event were encouraged to take advantage of Sip & Paint’s official social hashtags – #daylistSipandPaint- for online visibility and to share the wonderful experience with others.

Notably, at the event, Spotify’s Head of communications and public relations, Sub Saharan Africa, Michelle Atagana articulately described the brand new playlist feature as a “musical chameleon”- a description wittily woven to fit the already hue-themed event. 

She highlighted some impressive background metrics achieved by ‘Daylist’ in Sub-Saharan Africa despite only being launched in March.  Atagana said Daylist gained its most tractions in Five African countries: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda. 

According to the music executive,  streams for Daylist in Nigeria exponentially summed up to 1326% since its launch in March, and the top streaming cities in order, were Lagos ( an increase of 1411%), Katsina (surprisingly), Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and Enugu.

In terms of demographics, Michelle claimed men were the ones listening to the most with statistics to prove (75%). She maintained optimism, saying that there was enough room for everyone to catch the playlist buzz. 

‘Daylist’ was also said to have been listened to by the Gen-Zs and Millennials, proving its likability status by diverse generations.

Disk jockey, Dj Kizzy was in charge of the musical set, delighting fun and music lovers with an entertaining afternoon filled with great vibes and quality music. 

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