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Upper Spotlight: Adeayo Adebiyi

Pulse’s main man, Adeayo Adebiyi is one of the leading journalists of his generation. Adeayo is a vast music writer, and law graduate known for his controversial point of view in the Nigerian music stratosphere.

Having earned the mantle from greats such as Motolani Alake, Adeayo has been able to fit into the supersized shoes left by his predecessors and has established himself as a force to reckon with in the Nigerian music industry.

Adeayo’s presence on social media has earned him the right to be regarded as one of the most influential musical journalists today.

In addition to being a writer, he also hosts Pulse’s one-man cultural talk show Facts Only’ where he delves ( sue me) deep into Nigerian and African music discussion. 

Adeayo Adebiyi is worth spotlighting as his remarkable work in the much needed documentation of culture goes without being amiss. Weldone champion!

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