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Upper Quintet: Featuring Irethewiz, Babyboyf10, Biuduma…

The Upper Quintet continues to deliver new talent you should discover week after week, and this edition is no exception. Let’s take a look at the latest line-up:

“Radio” by Irethewiz:

“Radio” narrates a story of unrequited love and unexpected fame. Irethewiz vividly describes how fame has changed his perception in the eyes of his love interest, who now hears him on the radio and reaches out to him. With heartfelt lyrics set against Afro-pop sounds, the song resonates with listeners who have experienced the complexities of love and fame.

X handle @irethewizard

Instagram @irethewizard

“Expensive” by Ghost Unholy:

Ghost Unholy channels his NSG-type Afroswing vibes on “Expensive,” showcasing his smooth rap flow and confident demeanor. The high-tempo beat sets the stage for Ghost Unholy to assert himself, both lyrically and melodically. With catchy hooks and energetic adlibs, the song exudes a sense of self-assurance that is sure to captivate listeners.

X handle @ghostunholy_

Instagram @ghostunholy

“Babyboy4eva” by Babyboyfl0:

“Babyboy4eva” is a fun and upbeat track where Babyboyfl0 revels in the joys of the moment. He discusses various aspects of his life, including women, his craft, and his aspirations for the future. With a carefree attitude and infectious energy, Babyboyfl0 invites listeners to join him in celebrating life and embracing their inner “jiggy” selves. 

X handle @babyboyfl0
Instagram @babyboyfl0

“Diamond” by Buduma:

Buduma’s “Diamond” celebrates resilience and determination in the face of adversity. He reflects on his journey as a youth in society, acknowledging the challenges he has overcome and embracing the opportunity to shine like a diamond. With introspective lyrics and an uplifting message, the song serves as a reminder of the power of perseverance and self-belief.

X handle @saintbryyne 

Instagram @budumaaa

“Shy Shy” by Seanmicheal Ike:

“Shy Shy” delves into the theme of love and longing, with Seanmicheal Ike expressing his feelings for his love interest. Through heartfelt lyrics, he highlights the qualities he admires and desires in his partner, while also expressing his vulnerability and longing for reciprocated love. 

Instagram @seanmicheal__ike

 Join us in supporting talented underground artists as they continue to carve their paths in the music industry. Stay tuned for more discoveries in the coming weeks!

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