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Music Review: Yimeeka’s self-titled Oeuvre is Authentic and Well- Sequenced

I adore conceptual music albums. Better put, I appreciate them. The chemical reactions that pervade my skin coming across musical projects tethered for quality consumption can be likened to serotonin. This is why I am often moved to feeling distraught by the dying culture of musical curation proving prevalent these days.

Very few projects these days reveal the care for the external sonic experience. A solid album should feel like a trip into its progenitors’ minds- an environment for sonic empathy ( if that makes any sense).

Luckily, Yimeeka’s ‘Yimeeka’ is one of such musical works released recently that capitalizes on accentuating a contagious sonic experience.

The talented Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music producer’s six-track Extended Play sojourns the attention of audiophiles. With a consistent sequence of house music, soulful piano synths, and vulnerable penmanship, ‘Yimeeka’ intertwines the melancholic with the uplifting.

Yimeeka authentically tells her stories. Her centerfold is enthralling: from the eulogy opener ‘Amoke’ to the cathartic curtain fall ‘Foolish’. Noticeably, the project makes hay of her artistic and frankly, holistic growth.

Taking music seriously only four years ago, the singer has elevated from a prodigy to popular music producer, Pheelz to a frequent collaborator and an authority in her lane; even occupying an executive role in one of the former’s entertainment start-up outings. But more importantly, the self-titled project surmounts when comparing ‘Yimeeka’ to her previous works.

Ratings: 8/10

Listen Here:

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