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Upper Quintet: Featuring Amos K, Reggie Rankin, Neo Mitchel…

Weekly, The Upper Quintet continues to deliver new talent, and this week’s edition is no exception. Let’s take a look at the latest line-up:

 “OG” by Amos K

On “OG,” Amos K showcases his versatility and skill as a Ghanaian rapper, exploring the drill genre. The self-produced track highlights Amos K’s rap prowess with heavy bar-filled verses and a catchy hook that pays homage to his loyal fans. “OG” is the first song from his recent EP ‘ARCHIVES,’ setting the tone for the project with its energy.

  • X handle @_amosk
  • Instagram @_.amos,k

    “9-5 Rapper” by Reggie Rankin’

Reggie Rankin’ offers a glimpse into his world of combining his passion and everyday life on “9-5 Rapper.” Through his experiences as a 9-5 worker and a rapper, he navigates the challenges of balancing his music career with the demands of a regular job. The track reflects Reggie’s determination and hustle as he proudly embraces both aspects of his identity. “9-5 Rapper” is featured on his recently released ‘+44 Riddim EP,’ showcasing Reggie’s growth as an artist.

  • X handle @Only1SabiBoy
  • Instagram @only1sabiboy

“Nicosia Fever” by Neo Mitchel

“Nicosia Fever” explores themes of love, longing, and desire, with Neo Mitchel expressing his passion for his love interest.  With its slow tempo and sweet melody, Neo Mitchel paints a vivid picture of his emotions, unable to sleep or breathe without his love interest. The song serves as a romantic serenade, capturing the intensity of desire and longing for connection.

  • X handle @neo_mitchel
  • Instagram @neo_mitchel

    “Show Up” by Fwfeyi ft Mo’Gunz and Xredd

Show Up offers listeners an insightful exploration of life’s challenges and the importance of resilience and perseverance. With its uplifting message and dynamic blend of musical elements, the track inspires audiences to rise above adversity and embrace the power of showing up, no matter the circumstance.  Featuring contributions from Mo’Gunz and Xredd, “Show Up” is a bop that resonates with anyone striving to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

  • X handle @fwfeyi
  • Instagram @fwfeyi

    “Kareem” by Bryan.thebaby

“Kareem” looks into themes of heartbreak, depression, and survival, with Bryan.thebaby delivering a poignant storytelling performance. He paints a clear picture of struggle and emotions, serving as a raw and introspective exploration of the human experience, leaving listeners deep in thought.

  • X handle @bryan_thebaby
  • Instagram @bryan.thebaby

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