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Upper Quintet: Featuring Wally, Pandemonae, Kobilou

The Upper Quintet continues to deliver the underground talent you should discover week after week, and this edition is no exception. Let’s go into the latest lineup.

 “Prisoner” by Wally:

On “Prisoner,” Wally sets the mood with a slow, sensual melody as he expresses his deep admiration for his lover. He paints a picture of being captivated by her, likening himself to someone locked in a room during a pandemic. Drawing a playful reference to Michael Scofield from the TV series “Prison Break,” Wally conveys his sense of being entrapped by his affection for his partner. The smooth tempo of the song creates an intimate atmosphere, perfect for shared moments of connection and passion.

X handle @iamwally.xo

Instagram @iamwally_xo

“Lagos Love” by Kobilou ft. Nuel Asii and Emelie:

“Lagos Love” looks into the complexities of finding love in the city of Lagos. Kobilou, Nuel Asii, and Emelie each share their personal experiences and perspectives on the challenges and joys of navigating relationships in this environment. From the hustle and bustle of daily life to the search for genuine connection, the song sums up the diverse narratives of love in Lagos. With its relatable lyrics and rhythm, “Lagos Love” promises to resonate with listeners and evoke a sense of nostalgia for the city’s romantic landscape.

X handle @thatkobilouguy

Instagram @kobilou._

“Ke Mi” by B4M:

B4M’s “Ke Mi” unfolds over a laid-back beat, as he pours out his emotions to his beloved. With lyrics like “Sho ma ke mi ke mi” (Will you take care of me?), B4M expresses his desire for his partner’s unwavering love, regardless of any obstacles they may face. His smooth vocals glide effortlessly over the melody, conveying both vulnerability and passion. The song’s captivating vibe and B4M’s ability to masterfully convey his feelings make it a song that you will enjoy.

X handle @b4midele

Instagram @b4midele

“Wuse Vigilante” by Kishboy and CYZA:

Kishboy introduces listeners to his unique blend of music, which he calls Afro Lamba, characterized by its infectious energy and catchy lyrics. Teaming up with rapper CYZA, Kishboy delivers “Wuse Vigilante,” a high-tempo track that exudes confidence and swagger. Its energy and flow will get you moving.

X handle @kishboy_szn

Instagram @kishboyszn

“Memories” by Pandamonae and ZOANNA

“Memories” is a heartfelt collaboration between Pandamonae and ZOANNA, each bringing their perspective to the table. While Pandamonae assures of constant support, ZOANNA expresses her need for reassurance, unwilling to wait in uncertainty. With solid lyrical craftsmanship, the song creates a lovely melody, painting a picture of emotional depth and longing.

X handle @pandamonae

Instagram @pandamonae

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