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Sunday’s Best: 7 Faith-Based Singers You Should Listen To

Indoctrinated is the belief that Sundays are designated for spiritual worship, the special time when believers of the gospel of Christ are in one accord, seeking to reverence God. While the aforementioned is true, every day could be, should be, a Sunday.

Are you looking to give God your ‘Sunday’s Best’? you can start by getting familiar with these seven faith-based singers, who serve as minstrels for divine upliftment.


Anendlessocean is uniquely gifted with words. The singer, songwriter, and producer often shy away from being boxed into a sound, but his thematic expressions say otherwise. Anendlessocean makes music for the liberal-minded Christian. His songs are reminiscent of love songs sung to an intimate lover.

Grace Tena:

Grace Ajetena’s blend of soulful vocals and scripture-based themes makes her a joy to listen to. There is an overwhelming feeling of spirit and truth in Ajetena’s tone. Her songs, often slow tempo/ mid-tempo, are vulnerable renditions of worship designed for free flow.


If Sinmidele’s voice doesn’t take you to the gates of the cherubims, then there might be a need for special intercession. Just kidding. Sinmidele is a spirit taleteller. Songs like ‘Amen Amen’, and ‘Shoe Maker’ will leave you with warmth, and a lasting connection to the ethereal.


A graduate of Medicine from one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria, Aydeji has been able to key into her calling of winning souls for the kingdom of Christ, while also being a practicing Doctor. Aydeji is one of the voices of light in this generation.

Calledout Music:

The smooth crooning, guitar playing Calledout Music is an emblem of hope, faith, and joy. His songs are guaranteed to take you to church.

Sunmisola Agbegbi:

Sunmisola Agbebi’s powerful vocals are wall-breaking. The twenty-five-year-old singer broke out in 2022 and has been a force to reckon with.

Moses Bliss

Moses Bliss is one of the definitive new-gen faith-based singers currently. His catchy songs are popular amongst listeners. Bliss brings a dance-themed vibe to the gospel, and he is beloved for this reason.

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