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20 Years of ‘Face 2 Face’: Ranking All Eleven Songs

A score later, and 2 Baba’s iconic debut oeuvre still resonates with apex Afrobeats custodians. ‘Face 2 Face’ launched what will be one of the most impactful music careers in the history of African music and beyond. An iconic framework from one of the greatest to ever belt over the microphone.

In his prime, the then 2 Face Idibia set out to etch an identity away from his alliance with the defunct boy-band Plantashun Boyz, released his first studio album as a solo artist. The album was solely distributed under Kennis Music and made its way to the biggest music market’s retailers on the 15th of May 2004.

Like Michael Jackson’s 1979 classic solo-debut ‘Off the Wall’, ‘Face 2 Face’ unleashed the full genius of its progenitor, which was otherwise dimmed momentarily by early groupings. The 2004 album revealed 2 Baba’s superpowers as a brilliant songwriter and a soft pop-crooning god on the rise.

For a body of work that long preluded the streaming era, ‘Face 2 Face’ enjoyed its more than fair token of commercial success. Simply put, it was an instant hit amongst fans and listeners alike.

Here; as an appreciation of the classic body of work, this writer tries to rank in this article, all eleven songs on the project ( excluding remixes).

1. African Queen

‘African Queen’ is sequenced as the seventh track on the album; but in all ramifications the biggest song. African Queen made 2Baba an international superstar. The song dominated airplays back in the day, earning 2Baba so many musical accolades. With an outstanding music production from the late OJB Jezreel and brilliant pen-game from 2Baba himself, a memorable classic remains.

2. Nfana Ibaga

The first few opening lines of this song probably summed up the whole album; ”Yh, I am coming out straight this time. I’m coming out with the little of my own kind of peace of mind. I am doing it my way this time”, he rhymed.

‘Nfana Ibaga’ is a song that doubles as a mantra and a catchy bop. The single made waves upon release for its witty lyrics and conceptual visuals. An all timer for sure.

3. Ole

The Joeboys of this world could take a masterclass from the master. When it came to love songs, nobody was touching 2 Face Idibia in his prime form. The man was a smooth talker, and it helped that he had a distinctive tenor. ‘Ole’ is one of the standout songs on ‘Face 2 Face’ that accentuates the aforementioned claim.

4. Keep on Rocking

At the time, ‘Keep On Rocking’ was inevitable in the nooks and crannies of every night club in the country. It was a party banger and a chart topper too. ‘Keep on Rocking’ displayed 2Face Idibia’s versatility. Who could ever forget the immersive rhythm? Damn, feels like 04 again.

5. Right There

The mid-tempo R&B tinged ‘Right Here’ is the perfect love song. One of the most heartfelt single on the project, as 2 Face explored vulnerable thematic expressions. RIP O.J.B Jezreel (the project’s executive producer).


Waxing strong on number six is the sagey ‘ U No Holy Pass’. The track is a snap back at sanctimonious members of the society, who are often quick at pointing fingers at the wrong direction. 2Face’s pen-game here is simply beautiful. The head bopping rhythm on ‘U No Holy Pass’ further compliments it.


Ranking at Number 7 is the indigenous ‘Odi Ya’. ‘Odi Ya’ is one of the few songs in which 2 Face goes on a full-frontal expression via his native dialect of Idoma origins.

8. Thank You Lord

Opened by an ‘Oriki’, ‘Thank You Lord’ serves as a semi-outro in which the singer reminisces on his journey, ascribing his success to the divine. He also infuses some indigenous language into this.

9. Intro ( Skit)

As the name implies, the track introduces the album proper. A comical one minute long skit performed by 2Face in which he role plays as a fast-talking radio host who introduces the supposed next big music star on his radio show, even though he forgets his name initially. The free flow creativity in the introduction is a sign of 2Face’s flamboyant personality.

10. Holy (Skit)

‘Holy’ is the prequel to ‘Nobody Holy Pass’, another skit where he vents about societal hypocrisy, and his unwavering resolve of not giving a damn about other’s opinion of him since they aren’t immune from dirt.

11. Police (Skit)

‘Police’ is the last of the skits, and the last on this list. In the brilliantly scripted skit, 2 Face goes back and forth with a friend, arguing about whether the impending vehicle belonged to a police or a thief. While 2face argued that he saw a police, his friend opined that it was an armed robber. Towards the climax, 2Face drew a white flag as he surrendered that there weren’t much difference between the two to begin with.

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