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Upper Quintet: Featuring Sofie, Yomi Ace, Paska Taz…

The Upper Quintet continues to deliver the weekly musical talent you should listen to, and this edition is no exception. Let’s take a look at the latest line-up:

“Party Pooper” by Sofie

On “Party Pooper,” Ghanaian Afro R&B artist Sofie blends her smooth vocals with an upbeat, bouncy rhythm to create a track that will get you moving. Despite the song’s lyrics telling a sad tale of a lover witnessing their partner’s deceit during a night out, the beat transforms the heartbreak into a moment of empowerment. You have no choice but to dance away the heartbreak. It’s a perfect anthem for anyone looking to turn a low moment into a lively celebration, making the best out of a tough situation.

  • X handle @lionessofie1
  • Instagram @lionessofie

“By Your Side” by MeenahMo

On By Your Side, MeenahMo sings about the longing for reassurance. The song starts strong with a smooth melody and soft drums then jumps right into the first verse where she questions her intense attraction. In the second verse, she progresses to a phase where she is obsessed and doesn’t even care because she wants her love interest regardless.

The combination of harmonies, MeenahMo’s voice coupled with her lyricism and amazing production makes By Your Side a song you’ll enjoy.

  • X handle @meenahmo_
  • Instagram @meenahmo

“Not Your Gigolo” by Klifford BC ft. Bajii

“Not Your Gigolo” by Klifford BC and Bajii offers a candid narrative about the wildness of a love interest and the resulting change in perception. The lyrics, “She can’t be no wife, Sorry I’m not your gigolo tonight,” reflect a refusal to conform to expected roles. This track resonates with listeners who have faced similar experiences, delivering a relatable yet entertaining message. With its catchy beat and straightforward storytelling, “Not Your Gigolo” is a song that many will find both amusing and enjoyable. 

  • X handle @kliffordBC
  • Instagram @officialklifford

“Save Me” by Paska Taz

Paska Taz’s “Save Me” is a laid-back track that explores themes of life’s imperfections and the quest for peace. His smooth vocals float effortlessly over the low-tempo beat, creating a relaxing  vibe. The song’s mellow production and relatable lyrics make it easy to vibe with and reflect upon. “Save Me” encourages listeners to find solace in the midst of life’s challenges, offering a chill and comforting listening experience. 

  • X handle @PAScerTAZ
  • Instagram @pascertaz

“Feel” by Yomi Ace

In “Feel,” Yomi Ace adopts a reflective tone as he discusses the struggles and hardships faced on his journey to success. The track’s emotive lyrics, “Feel MY Pain,” highlight his determination to overcome obstacles and achieve his goals. Despite the difficulties, his resolve to make money and succeed remains unwavering, serving as a powerful motivator. The song’s introspective nature and relatable themes make “Feel” an inspiring anthem for anyone striving to overcome their own challenges.

  • X handle @yomiaceofficial
  • Instagram @yomiace

Stay tuned for more discoveries next week!

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