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Sunday’s Best: The 7 Best of Victoria Orenze

Happy Sunday God’s people. Get immersed in worship with these seven best Victoria Orenze hits.

Victoria Orenze is a Faith-based singer and songwriter known for various worship songs/hits. Here, we narrow the minstrel’s impressive catalog to seven of her best.

1. Walk By Faith

‘Walk By Faith’ hammers on the essence of the word of God found through the docile act of Faith. Victoria sings about how Life and its daunting challenges can be overwhelming but Faith in the word of God is the believer’s firm foundation.

Whether you are a believer or atheist, one common ground is life’s brutish uncertainty. With the dwindling global economy and the decline in humanity, it is easy to feel an overwhelming sense of nothingness. However, Victoria Orenze, through this beautiful spirit-filled rendition tells us that blind faith In a power above mankind is the antidote.

2. Spirit Chant

‘Spirit Chant’ is a ten-minute trip to the thresholds of the holy spirit. There is a language the spirit understands, and Victoria Orenze is aware of this. Spirit Chant is that song one plays in the mood of deep worship. It is not for passive worship. It is beautiful and heavenly. A song that evokes hope, peace, joy, and a sense of spiritual heritage.

3. I Get Backing

‘I Get Backing’ is probably Victoria’s most popular song. The powerful ministration talks about the braggadocio existing in those who are spiritually aware. With lyrics like ‘I walk with a host of Angels, I no dey walk alone’ to buttress.

4. On Fire

‘On Fire’ is one of Victoria Orenze’s classic hits. A spiritual cry for help is how this writer would like to describe the spirit-filling song. Orenze explores the vulnerability needed to open heaven’s gates. The single is included in her ‘Return (Rev 2:4)’ album.

5. Great Is Your Faithfulness

Featured in Victoria’s ‘Gratitude (Reflections)’ long play is the soothing ‘Great Is Your Faithfulness’. Living up to the conceptual theme of the album, the song is a reminiscence of God’s goodness in her life. This song easily transcends a mood of ingratitude into deep reflections of the often undersighted. An amazing song, and one of her best.

6. Anu Wamiri (Mercy Found Me)

Also featured on the ‘Gratitude( Reflections)’ project is the Dunsin Oyekan enlisted ‘Anu Wamiri( Mercy Found Me)’. A beautiful song of worship fashioned against the spirit of hubris and pride. Both singers ascertain the truth about the mercies of God, denying the flesh of self-appraisal. Very powerful song. Please don’t take this writer’s word for it. Take a click, and have a listen.

7. Prayer Call (Chants) – Live

Reminiscent of ‘Spirit Chant’ is ‘Prayer Call ( Chants)’. A heaven-descending rendition and one of her best.

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