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Sunday’s Best: The 7 Best of Sola Allyson

The legendary Sola Allyson Obaniyi is one of the best voices of her generation. The exceptional gospel, soul, and folk singer has had a glittering career spanning over two decades.

Sola gained prominence in the early 2000s via her classic ballad ‘Eji Owuro’, a song that championed the virtues of unconditional love – a vibrant theme in the gospel of Christ.

Since ‘Eji Owuro’, Sola Allyson has relentlessly channeled her singing talent toward the greater good, asserting herself as a beacon of the holy scribe. Her melodies are often cathartic, and spirit-lifting. Her thematic expressions relate to the quintessential Christian but are devoid of pointless dogma.

Sola Allyson is a true voice of light and in this week’s episode of Sunday’s Best, we shortlist seven of her best songs (In no particular order). Enjoy.


‘Child’ is permeated by soothing guitar chordal movements, talking drums, dominant electric piano melody, and the reassuring words of Sola Allyson. The song is featured on Sola’s 2019 Album ‘IRI’. ‘Child’ will trigger a footloose, sinking its profound message into the hearts of its listeners. Top-notch song.


To this day, ‘Akosile’ gives this writer goosebumps. The 2003 hit hammers on the irrevocability of Fate & Destiny. Sola Allyson over rhythmic sequences serenades listeners to an apt awareness. The song is featured on Allyson’s 2003 ‘Eji Owuro’ Album.


Al’amoire ( The Potter of Good) is one song that provides serenity and confidence despite the incessant mistakes one might have made along the way. It is a believer’s reset button. Sola Allyson reminds believers of the gospel of the very nature of God, and how it extends to his creation ( in the song’s context, Mankind).

Gbeje Fori

2005’s Gbeje Fori is another of Sola’s wake-up calls to Mankind. The thoughtful song hammers the importance of virtues such as Patience, hard work, and self-assessment. Even equally beautiful is the melodious chorus. Judging by Sola’s strained yet decent vocal texture in ‘Gbeje Fori’, one can assume it was one of her earliest recordings, probably recorded before the hit ‘Eji Owuro’.

Eji Owuro

Any Sola Allyson list without ‘Eji Owuro’ isn’t complete. The timeless classic is one of Sola’s best singles ever. The fact that the song still holds relevance two decades later is sheer evidence of Allyson’s brilliance on the evergreen single. It’s been lauded as one of the best Nigerian love songs of all time; it’s important to note that Sola Allyson’s idea of Love in the single deviated from the canal, and focused on the scripture-approved kind.


‘Kari’ is a sleeper hit single featured on Sola Allyson’s 2019 ‘Iri’ album. The beautiful medley is poised with soulful instrumentals and Sola’s ever-amazing inventory of sweet melodies.

Ebe & Prayers – Live Rendition

The live rendition of Sola’s hit ‘Ebe & Prayers’ transcends from worship to scintillating Praise. Kudos to the instrumentalists too.

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