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The 30 Greatest Adekunle Gold Hits

Adekunle Gold is without a waver a generational talent. The singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur gets a kick from dismantling niche boxes – such is seen in his remarkable transformation from a highlife crooner to a pop icon.

Following an earlier successful music career as a folk/ highlife singer, Adekunle Gold introduced version ‘AG 2.0’, experimenting out of his sonic comfort zone that was indigenous highlife music into contemporary pop fusions- a sound he has since honed and has received appraisals for.

‘About 30’, the album that introduced the eccentric version of Adekunle Gold recently turned six years old. ‘About 30’ contained tracks like ‘Call on Me’ which was the first glimpse into the singer’s sonic drift.

In honor of the album’s sixth anniversary, here are the thirty greatest Adekunle Gold songs ( in order of discography).


‘Sade’ marked the genesis of Adekunle Gold’s singing career. The single brought him to the limelight and changed his apotheosis from a graphics designer to a star on the rising. ‘Sade’ was released under Ybnl Records and featured on the 2017 ‘Gold’ album. Although the version that became popular didn’t make it to the album (due to licensing reasons), the album version is just as soulful as it is rhythmic. Kudos to Pheelz as well.

2. Orente

This writer still struggles to come to terms with the word “Shalla” but there was a time when it was echoed everywhere from radio stations to enclosed gatherings and soirees. ‘Orente’ was a big hit and found its place in the hearts of music-loving Nigerians, earning the singer a new set of believers.

3. Pick Up

‘Pick Up’ became an anthem thanks to its relatable themes, exotic instrumentation, and catchy hook. ‘Pick Up’ was the perfect ‘God Abeg’ requiem that found fame effortlessly.

4. Ariwo Ko

Pervaded by Asian influences, the Pheelz-produced hit, ‘Ariwo Ko’ became another addition to Adekunle Gold’s classics in which he drops chest-thumping statements that allude to his self-awareness.

5. Beautiful Night

‘Beautiful Night’ is a surreal ballad characterized by Adekunle Gold’s serene vocals, groovy guitar pickings, brass, and talking drums. An Adekunle Gold quintessential Masterclass.

6. Work

Adekunle Gold’s ‘Work’ is a classic track embedded with sagey words designed as a wake-up call. ‘Work’ enjoyed more than its fair share of airplay during its prominence.

7. Ready

Although Adekunle Gold would like to opine that this song could have been better off sitting in his hard drive, this writer takes a rather opposing stance. ‘Ready’, although reminiscent of ‘Pick Up’ was a hit in its way and enjoyed considerable fan-love.

8. No Forget ( Feat Simi)

Simi and Adekunle Gold are a match made in paradise. On their own, both husband and wife are sensational, but when submerged, the result is often off the roof. ‘No Forget’ is a beautiful ballad that proves that the aforementioned is true.

9. Ire

‘Ire’ is a classic ‘About 30’ hit. The song subtly announces Adekunle Gold’s realization that a new era has dawned upon him. The ethereal classic number still triggers goosebumps. Amazing song.

10. Money

Adekunle Gold doesn’t shy away from the emphasis on an elevated financial status. ‘Money’ was another AG hit that hammered on what everyone already knows ‘Money Makes the World Go Round Baby’. The Makosa-tinged single was a party favorite at its time of relevance.

11. Call On Me

According to Adekunle Gold himself, ‘Call On Me’ marked his shift from his more known sonics. ‘Call On Me’ enjoyed a vast range of critical acclaim mostly for its progenitor’s knack for exploring new terrains.

12. Damn, Delilah

With ‘Damn, Delilah’, AG scored a heartbreak anthem. Stemmed from real-life experience, the singer expressed his woes with a troubled ex-love interest, a theme that seemed to relate with a huge sum of music listeners, contributing to its success.

13. Kelegbe Megbe

‘Kelegbe Kelegbe’ is AG baby’s chest-thumping braggadocio. The Sess produced hit saw Adekunle Gold outrightly claim to be on top of his game, throwing a disclaimer to anyone who might try to downgrade this claim.

14. Jore ( Feat Kizz Daniel)

Before the 2020 COVID pandemic crept into the year, Adekunle Gold and Kizz Daniel delivered a sleeper hit. But due to the rather despondent season, the single quickly found its ground, lighting the mood of music listeners.

15. Something Different

‘Something Different’ is the fifteenth entry on this list, but in no way a downgrade from his previous works, if anything, the opposite is the case. Adekunle Gold further displayed his versatility via the mid-tempo hit.

16. It Is What It Is

Sitting pretty on number sixteen is the melodic ‘It is What Is’. Over a fast-tempo track, Adekunle Gold resigns to a state of content while throwing subtle jabs. The single also showed AG’s ability to adapt, a scarce quality.

17. Okay

‘Okay’ is a fan favorite on Adekunle Gold’s third album ‘Afro-Pop’. Arguably a top-five AG baby single. The Blaisebeatz-produced hit became an anthem upon release and received a plethora of positive reviews from fans and music listeners alike.

18. AG Baby ( Feat Nailah Blackman)

‘AG Baby’ is the singer’s official announcement into another era in which he goes about the pseudonym ‘AG Baby’. The anthem was brought to life by Nailah Blackman’s catchy hook.

19. High ( Feat Davido)

‘High’ is an Amapiano-tinged single that dominated the airplay in 2021 and the ensuing year. The single featured Superstar, Davido and was widely received by audiophiles globally.

20. Dior, Dior, Dior ( Feat Foushee’)

Featured in his fourth oeuvre ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is the sultry ‘Dior, Dior, Dior which features the remarkable vocals of Foushee’. The enlisted singer accompanies Adekunle Gold perfectly on the mid-tempo Afro-pop track.

21. Sinner ( Feat Lucky Daye)

Adekunle Gold recruited America’s R&B sweetheart, Lucky Daye for the mid-tempo ‘Sinner’. The single was produced by Obah and Written by Adekunle Gold, Lucky Daye, and Marcel Akunwata.

22. Five Star

The Kel-P produced ‘Five Star’ was one of the most popular songs released in 2022. The song inspired an online challenge that further increased its relevance.

23. Sabina

‘Sabina’ is a beautiful jam hit that allowed Adekunle Gold to explore his vocal prowess. A remarkable tune and one of the singer’s hits.

24. Pretty Girl ( Feat Patoranking)

The dancehall-tinged ‘Pretty Girl’ is a club banger that featured a stellar verse from Nigerian patois rendering singer, Patoranking. ‘Pretty Girl’ is off Adekunle Gold’s ‘Afro-pop’ album.

25. Ogaranya

‘Ogaranya’ is an absolute banger released in 2023. The single dominated the internet and is one of the singer’s best hits. ‘Ogaranya’ is featured in Adekunle Gold’s fifth album ‘ Tequila Ever After’.

26. Party Never Stop

‘Party Never Stop’ features popular street-pop artist, Zinoleesky. The single marked Adekunle Gold’s first hit of the year 2023. ‘Party Never Stop’ was widely received by fans and passive listeners alike.

27. Soro

‘Soro’ is one of the sleeper hits included in the ‘Tequila Ever After’ album. The single is arguably a fan-favorite, sparking numerous online appraisals for its infectious melodies, and enthralling rhythm.

28. Omo Eko

‘Omo Eko’ is another subtle, nevertheless hit song featured in Adekunle Gold’s latest project. Adekunle Gold, over beautiful plug-ins, sings about being the life of the party, in a song that is heavily designed to be a club banger.

29. Look What You Made Me Do (With Simi)

Adekunle Gold and Simi are just as impressive as ever in the emotive love song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. The hit duet resonated well with a lot of fans, with others even using the song as a sound template for their duets.

30. Rodo

‘Rodo’ is Adekunle Gold’s latest hit, and is already doing numbers on streaming platforms. The Neo-Apala single is already making rounds on the internet, and proving to be a testament to the consistency of the amazing Adekunle Gold.

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