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Talented Angolan Singer, Agatchu Releases Debut EP, ‘Believe’

Agatchu’s debut EP is here! The Angolan gem unveils his first project with massive Afrobeats vibes and sonorities, bringing a fresh 2.0 vision of Afro music. The focus track, “Believe,” featuring the acclaimed Lagos-born artist Teni, showcases a captivating music video with stunning scenes, visuals, and outfits.

Agatchu’s EP also boasts impressive collaborations with the spaceman Jujuboy, Kompa master Joe Dwét Filè, and DJ Tarico from Yaba Kulubu Boyz, who delivers an insane Amapiano remix of “New Maserati.” Additionally, the renowned Staniski contributes a Kompa version of this track.

With its groovy, catchy sound and innovative approach, Agatchu’s debut EP marks the beginning of a new era in Afrobeats. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking project from an artist destined to make waves in the music world.

Listen Here:

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