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Upper Quintet: Featuring Kiki Celine, Cxlor, SwtNektar…

The Upper Quintet continues to deliver on a weekly basis musical talent you should listen to, and this edition is no exception. Let’s take a look at the latest line-up:

Old Love – Kiki Celine

On “Old Love,” Kiki Celine creates a soothing R&B song, taking listeners on a journey of lessons learned from being in love. She yearns for the 80’s style of romance, complete with flowers and all the old-school charm. Her amazing vocals captivate immediately, and with relatable lyrics, this song is sure to get you in your feelings.

X handle: @kiki_celinee

No Way – Cxlor

“No Way” is the perfect blend of drill music with the Afro sound, often referred to as Afro Drill. This track is rap-infused with a relaxed vibe, featuring a seamless blend of smooth flow, effortless delivery, and a well-crafted drill beat. The unique sound perfectly complements the chill rhymes, and a cheeky interlude at the end adds a humorous touch. This song is a must-listen.

X handle: @true_cxlor

Away – SwtNektar

“AWAY” tells the story of being captivated by someone’s beauty and aura, appreciating their perfection. It’s a love story with a gangster attitude, adding a unique twist to the emotions and admiration expressed in the song. SwtNektar floats on the slow beat, creating a track you’ll vibe to, especially with a significant other.

X handle: @swtnektar1
Instagram: @swtnektar1

The Best – Kill Teedashii ft. Lablinks

“The Best” is a vibrant Afrobeats track featuring Lablinks. This empowering anthem sees Kill Teedashii confidently asserting his expertise, seeking recognition for his talent, and inspiring listeners to strive for greatness. With motivational lyrics, “The Best” is poised to resonate with fans of Afrobeats and beyond. Lablinks delivers a standout verse, bringing a new dimension to the track with his unique style and energy.

X handle: @killteedashii
Instagram: @killteedashii

Be Your Vibe – OBD

On “Be Your Vibe,” OBD creates a melodious tune, pouring his heart out to his love interest. He professes that she’s the only one for him and promises to be her vibe. This love song is sure to get you vibing, making it a track you’ll enjoy.

X handle: @sensationalobd
Instagram: @musical_obd

Stay tuned for more discoveries next week!

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